Warriors of Amakna, it's almost time for you to enter the arenas of the second Abyss Joust! Registration is open until Tuesday, March 17. Please note that only the first 500 teams to register will participate in the competition, so sign up before it's too late.

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After a theoretical phase with the tournament devblog, and the preparation of your equipment and team, it's time to go into a little more detail about the competition!

To stay up to date and chat with staff, be sure to join the the Joust-related Discord channel.

Here's a rundown of the most important points before you register for the Abyss Joust.

Match Calendar

Qualifiers for the tournament are based on a Swiss-style system of rounds. Thirteen rounds are scheduled for the following dates/times. Note: all times are given in Paris time.

Wednesday, April 1

  • 8 p.m.: Round 1

Sunday, April 5

  • 6 p.m.: Round 2
  • 8 p.m.: Round 3
  • 10 p.m.: Round 4

Tuesday, April 7

  • 8 p.m.: Round 5
  • 10 p.m.: Round 6

Thursday, April 9

  • 8 p.m.: Round 7
  • 10 p.m.: Round 8

Sunday, April 12

  • 6 p.m.: Round 9
  • 8 p.m.: Round 10
  • 10 p.m.: Round 11

Tuesday, April 14

  • 8 p.m.: Round 12
  • 10 p.m.: Round 13

The finals will take place Sunday, April 19 to Sunday, May 3. Check the devblog for more details.


The winners of Abyss Joust #2 will be duly rewarded! Below is a list of the prizes.

1st place:

  • Champion Set
  • Champion Shield that grants the exclusive title of "Abyss Master"
  • Dragziel ceremonial pet
  • Abyss Shield that unlocks the title of "Abyss Fighter"
  • 1-year Bonus Pack
  • 40,000 Goultines per player
  • 10,000 Kolossokens per player

2nd place:

  • Dragziel ceremonial pet
  • Abyss Shield that unlocks the title of "Abyss Fighter"
  • 6-month Bonus Pack
  • 20,000 Goultines per player
  • 5,000 Kolossokens per player

3rd and 4th place:

  • Dragziel ceremonial pet
  • Abyss Shield that unlocks the title of "Abyss Fighter"
  • 3-month Bonus Pack
  • 10,000 Goultines per player
  • 2,500 Kolossokens per player

For the 32 qualifying teams at the end of rounds:

  • 1,000 Kolossokens per player
  • The World Worrier ceremonial items

Any player with at least two wins and no forfeits:

  • Five scrolls that unlock the title of "Abyss Traveler"

All rewards will be linked to the account.

Register & Compete

To sign up, applicants must have a character of at least level 150 and visit this page to register their team consisting of three separate players by 12:00 PM (Paris time) on Tuesday, March 17.

You must register with the character and class you wish to use for the entire tournament.

You must register with the character and class you wish to use during the tournament. It is not allowed to change the class of this character before the opening of the tournament server at the risk of disqualification.

If you have already created your team and want to modify it, delete the first one and make a new one again. You can do it until the inscriptions close without problems. Thank you!

Class duplicates are not permitted and the following duos are forbidden:

  • Eniripsa – Feca
  • Eniripsa – Iop
  • Eniripsa – Osamodas
  • Eniripsa – Sacrier
  • Eniripsa – Xelor
  • Enutrof – Iop
  • Enutrof – Xelor
  • Feca – Osamodas
  • Feca – Sacrier
  • Feca – Xelor
  • Iop – Osamodas
  • Iop – Xelor
  • Osamodas – Sacrier
  • Osamodas – Sadida
  • Osamodas – Xelor
  • Sacrier – Xelor
  • Sacrier – Masqueraider
  • Sadida – Xelor
  • Ecaflip – Xelor

On the tournament server, you will find a copy of your character with nothing equipped, characteristics automatically set at 101, 995 normal points to redistribute, and all level 6 spells.

You will have access to an inventory of preselected items with a perfect roll, and each character will also receive a permanent bonus of +1 AP, +1 MP, and +1 Range.

All characters will become level 200.

Find the complete rules here.

The final list of participants will be announced and the tournament server will open for you to train a few days after registration ends. We'll offer more details on the official website when the time comes.

See you soon for the first round of fights!