The exceptional situation we have been facing for more than a week now has finally got the better of the inter-server tournament. We'll tell you more in this new article.

DOFUS Touch Abyss Joust 2 Is Postponed

As we explained to you through the various articles on Ankama's websites, our games, including DOFUS Touch, are impacted by the current exceptional situation caused by confinement.

For more than a week, the influx of many players has been overloading the servers, leading to server queues, in-game latency, the store being unavailable, and various other problems.

At the moment, the Brutas server is feeling it the most, with it being regularly full and unavailable for many players. We are actively working on this, and we must also anticipate the impacts of such a situation for the three French-language servers. Yesterday, many players were unable to access the game for several hours. We want to continue to optimize connecting to DOFUS Touch for the whole community. These topics are now our teams' top priorities.

In this context and with the given timeframes, we can see that it is sadly not possible for us to ensure the smooth running of the Abyss Joust #2. That's why the tournament is being postponed to a later date, which you will be informed of in due time.

We are aware that this decision will be a disappointment for many of you, but rest assured that we did not make it lightly. Our teams' many hours of work are also going up in smoke, but in particular, they're disappointed that they can't offer you the tournament in the immediate future.

Our teams will get back to you on the topic as soon as possible in the coming weeks.