The eight rotation of Ascension Island starts on 7 April! Fight your way to the top of the rankings to unlock maximum rewards... and maximum glory!


Form a team of three and head off to adventure on Ascension Island! Starting 7 April until 26 May, climb as many floors as you can to unlock rewards based on your position in the rankings at the end of the rotation.

On Ascension Island, you can unlock equipment and pets, the Dofushu, but also cosmetic items to prove your worth at the village Zaap! Starting this rotation, the top 3 overall players will be rewarded with a Ceremonial Shushield.

Start your Orado adventure by talking to Talok at [-33,-11]. The entrance of Ascension Island is located at [-73,-17]. To learn more, read the devblog on this topic.

Happy climbing, everyone!