After the fearless and clueless warrior, it's time for his beloved, the extraordinary archer Evangelyne, to step up to the plate. There's a new video you should check out that traces the path of the resident star student in the Brotherhood of the Tofu! And don't forget: The crowdfunding campaign for WAKFU Season 4 is coming to Kickstarter very soon!

It's official: Monday, June 8 is the launch date for the crowdfunding campaign to enable us to offer you a worthy continuation (and conclusion) of the adventures shared by the Brotherhood of the Tofu. We're counting on your support!

To celebrate the return of your favorite heroes, each week we're unveiling a video devoted to one of them. Last week, Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove got the ball rolling. And today, it only makes sense for his wife Evangelyne to follow suit. A word of warning: This video will go straight to your heart…


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Whew… So many emotions, huh? And that's just the beginning!

Come back next week for a new video, and head to Kickstarter on June 8 for the launch of the WAKFU Season 4 crowdfunding campaign!