It's true that the circumstances in which we filmed this new episode of Ankama (Not) Live were a bit… unusual. But who cares! It'll take more than a little lockdown to keep us from giving you the latest news on DOFUS, WAKFU, DOFUS Touch, Ankama Éditions, our boardgames, WAVEN, and of course your beloved WAKFU animated series and its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign!

This episode of Ankama (Not) Live is a bit like a big hug (but don't worry, just a virtual one!) after months of isolation. Like a huge cake with tons of frosting after months of dieting. Consider this episode as a well-earned reward for facing this difficult time with courage and self-sacrifice.

What's so special this time around, you ask? It's simple: this episode features an interview with Tot himself, in addition to our usual content that reviews each of our games and different types of media! In the course of the interview, you'll learn more about the new quest that the heroes of the Brotherhood of the Tofu are getting ready to take on, and about the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the fourth season of the series!

But enough talk! It's time we let you enjoy the latest edition of Ankama (Not) Live!

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Our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is starting in just 3 daysnext Monday, June 8. So get ready! We're counting on your support, because as we've been saying all along, we can't write the next chapter in the adventures of the Brotherhood of the Tofu without you!