For this eighth Dungeon Rusher, learn a bit more about the Giant Kralove and defeat him to unlock a new ceremonial shield!

DOFUS Touch Kralove Dungeon Rusher


Change to the Lair of the Giant Kralove

If you recall, the way the Lair of the Giant Kralove works was changed in the major update for June. The dungeon will now be accessible automatically, from the 1st through the 7th of each month. We're taking this opportunity to do a Dungeon Rusher for this boss, starting Wednesday!

Entering the dungeon when it's accessible is done the same way as with a standard dungeon: using a key. However, the bunch of keys is not available for this dungeon.

The level of the Giant Kralove, as well as the experience granted by it, have been updated. This monster is now level 180, as stated in the achievement for the dungeon.

To ensure that every player is aware of these changes, a notification will be automatically broadcast on the maps for each city Zaap, as well as on the map for the Otomai Zaap. The notification will be sent to players level 150 and up, and it will be different depending on whether the player has completed the quest to access Otomai Island.

The boss may now drop a new ceremonial pet: the Yakitako.

What is the Giant Kralove?

The Giant Kralove is an ancient creature that has existed for centuries, possibly even millennia.

Otomai describes it as "unique", but there may be or have been other Giant Kraloves, as affirmed by many sources and other stories that refer to such creatures.

The shape of a Giant Kralove is also associated with Osamodas by way of Oktapodas, Protector of the Oceans (who is simply Osamodas in a different form).

The droppings and ink expelled by the Giant Kralove are capable of changing the ecosystem of an entire region (Otomai Island and its peat bog are proof!).

Otomai has speculated that the Giant Kralove is cursed, but the origin and precise nature of this curse remain a mystery. Magicians and followers of the alchemist have attempted to learn more, but they've all ended up drowning in ink or going mad.

Event Concept

From Thursday, July 2 12:00 PM (Paris time) to Tuesday, July 7 12:00 PM, defeating the Giant Kralove in its dungeon will allow you to score a ceremonial shield.

The Reward

After defeating the Giant Kralove in its dungeon, you'll automatically receive the Trophy Giant Kralove Shield at the end of the fight. The event ends on Tuesday, July 7 12:00 PM (Paris time), after which you will no longer be able to claim your reward.

Good to Know

  • The shield is ceremonial and linked to the character.
  • You can get the shield with several characters on the same account, as long as you re-do the dungeon with each character.
  • You cannot obtain the shield by killing the boss in an arena.
  • For those who read French, visit to check out their guide to the Lair of the Giant Kralove!