Our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign concluded recently. Your quick and enthusiastic response has far exceeded our expectations! To celebrate the good news, log in to the game to take advantage of the +50% combat XP bonus!


When it comes to combat experience, you could say they've had their share… You might think that after taking on Nox, Dark Vlad, Ush, Oropo, and even Ogrest, the Brotherhood of the Tofu has pretty much experienced everything there is to see and do in the World of Twelve… And yet! Our crowdfunding campaign, which started on June 8, seems to suggest otherwise!

Many of you have let us know how excited you are to see us write a new chapter in the adventures of Amalia, Yugo, Evangelyne, Ruel, and Percedal. So much so that we have quickly unlocked all the first 13 episodes!

As we announced in an earlier news post, we will have some in-game events to celebrate some milestones being unlocked.

So to show you how grateful we are and to thank you for your support, we're offering a 50% combat XP bonus from Friday, July 3 4:00 PM (Paris time) to Sunday, July 5 11:59 PM (Paris time)!

The bonus stacks with the Bonus Pack. The bonus does not apply in arenas.