A new type of pack is being added to the shop: Progress Packs! Read all about it!

DOFUS Touch Progress Packs

We know you appreciate all the cosmetic items available in DOFUS Touch. So we'd like to continue in that direction, and also beef up the offering in our in-game shop!

Today we're releasing Progress Packs.

The Concept

Progress Packs will become available throughout your adventure, based on your character's level. And they can only be purchased with real currency.

These packs will unlock a number of cosmetic items, including attire, emotes, goultines, bonus packs, and services. And they won't cost you a fortune!

These packs will be available indefinitely. However, each of them can only be purchased once per year and per account.


Here is a list of all the packs, with their contents and tiers, which will be considered progress packs:
  • Starter Pack: unlocked at level 1. Find out more
  • Shiny Pack: unlocked at level 60. Find out more
  • Revival Pack: unlocked at level 90. Find out more
  • Explorer Pack: unlocked at level 120. Find out more
  • Gladiator Pack: unlocked at level 160. Find out more
  • Az'Hassin Pack: unlocked at level 190. Find out more

In addition to the level requirement, the packs will be unlocked after a certain time played in-game.

Here is the breakdown of the packs before the discount:
  • Starter Pack
    • Goba Vett: 15,000 Goultines
    • Hey emote: 4,500 Goultines
    • A "New Blood" Ornament: 5,000 Goultines
    • 800 Goultines: 800 Goultines
    • 30-day Bonus pack: 3,000 Goultines
  • Shiny Pack
    • Khin-Tohoun petsmount: 15,000 Goultines
    • A "Shiny" Ornament: 5,000 Goultines
    • Shiny ceremonial items: 6,000 Goultines
    • 1,400 Goultines: 1,400 Goultines
    • 14-day Bonus pack: 1,400 Goultines
  • Revival Pack
    • Magical Orb: 5,000 Goultines
    • Makeover Pack: 1,300 Goultines
    • 2,000 Goultines: 2,000 Goultines
    • 30-day Bonus pack: 3,000 Goultines
  • Explorer Pack
    • Old Explorer Ceremonial Items: 10,000 Goultines
    • Gladiabone Pet: 7,000 Goultines
    • 2,000 Goultines: 2,000 Goultines
    • "Experienced Explorer" Title: 3,000 Goultines
  • Gladiator Pack
    • Drhellakna Petsmount: 10,000 Goultines
    • Legionary Ceremonial Items: 6,000 Goultines
    • "Indestructible" Emote: 4,500 Goultines
    • "Gladiator" Ornament: 5,000 Goultines
    • "Gladiator" Title: 3,000 Goultines
    • 3,500 Goultines: 3,500 Goultines
    • 60-day Bonus pack: 6,000 Goultines
  • Az'hassin Pack
    • Karne Petsmount: 10,000 Goultines
    • Az'hassin Items: 6,000 Goultines
    • Insectoid Emote: 4,500 Goultines
    • Az'hassin Ornament: 5,000 Goultines
    • "Az'hassin" Title: 3,000 Goultines
    • 10,000 Goultines: 10,000 Goultines
    • A 180-Day Bonus Pack: 18,000 Goultines
    • Makeover Pack: 1,300 Goultines

"I'm already level 200; do I still get them?"

If you're already at a high level that would unlock several packs at once, you can absolutely get these whenever you like, using a new "Packs" category in the Prestige shop.

"Why create these new packs?"

As DOFUS TOUCH is a free game without any ads, the shop is our main source of revenue. We'd like to continue prioritizing cosmetic elements so that the shop will have a bigger offering; we don't want DOFUS Touch to become a "pay-to-win" game.

These packs will provide players with cosmetic items as well as goultines, bonus packs, and services, at regular intervals and competitive prices, based on how much they've advanced in the game. In other words, the packs will allow players to customize their character a bit more throughout the adventure!