A new interim update is available in DOFUS Touch! Learn more with the changelog.

DOFUS Touch Update 1.48



For several moons now, strange events have been unfolding on Pandala Island. Ancient tales reveal their magic as old legends come to life. Your assistance will be welcome in shedding light on these mysteries and discovering more about the island's spiritual side.

And your efforts will be rewarded! To learn more, go and see Pandassiss Tant right now on Pandala Island at [25 ; -37]!

The whole DOFUS Touch team wants to sincerely thank the Game Masters for their commitment and hard work to jointly present this event to the community. It's always a real pleasure to talk with our wonderful GMs and build a new piece of our vast universe together.


  • The number of rooms has been reduced in the Lord Crow and Royal Gobball dungeons. The Crobak dungeon now has 9 rooms. As for the Gobball dungeon, it now has 3 rooms, including the boss.
  • The maps for these two dungeons have been totally revised.


  • Multiple use is now available for certain new items in the inventory, such as resource containers.


  • In the quest "A Painful Awakening" on Ascension Island, the player can no longer get stuck.
  • It is once again possible to correctly acquire the book required for the "Whipping Boy" quest.
  • The "Thunderheart" quest has been fixed.
  • After the "Potato Head" quest, any leftover bright sacks of potatoes can now be brought back to the NPC Bhen Neddal.


  • The Short-Tempered Dark Treechnee monster no longer causes lag during fights.
  • It is now possible to use potions to teleport when located in the last room of the Lair of the Giant Kralove.
  • It is once again possible to place a perceptor in Klime's room in Frigost.
  • The various Pospodrol Hammers can again be crafted correctly.
  • Various maps in the World of Twelve have been corrected.
  • Various translations have been corrected.