After some time off over the summer, Ankama (Not) Live is back! Alvi and friends are more determined than ever to take on the start of fall! Discover all the latest Ankama news in a video that includes a little surprise

Having just returned from vacation, with mask tan lines still visible on their faces, the Ankama team members are already hard at work on the fall season. Get out your notebooks and get ready to take notes! But most importantly, pay close attention all the way through! This episode of Ankama (Not) might just reveal something new…


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Get all the latest news, including:

  • DOFUS Touch and WAVEN new developments!
  • DOFUS: Sly, a game designer, and Nixie, a level designer, talk about their work on the second part of the Pandala Awakens update.
  • Ankama Boardgames: Discover Dragon Parks, a new game that's got some real fire in its belly!
  • Ankama Éditions: The fall season starts with a bang with another wave of 15th Anniversary special editions, along with two new releases from Label 619.
  • WAKFU: Upcoming changes and improvements to the Mineral Tower, and work continues on the class overhaul. And let's not forget the server merger!