The beta version of the end-of-year update is available! See what's new in this changelog!

DOFUS Touch Pandala Beta

For more information about using the beta, please read this article.

It is necessary to update DOFUS Touch Early in your app store (particularly iOS) for the fixes to be reflected.


A New Era for Pandala

Pandala Island has been fully updated, except for Nolifis Island.

The changes include:
  • Updated levels for each area, from level 160 to 200
  • New monster families
  • New dungeons and bosses
  • New resources
  • New sets: the Kwapa Set, the Tanuki Set, the Firefoux Set, and the Kozaru Set
  • A new Dofus: the Domakuro, obtained after completing the new quests
  • New quests
  • New achievements
  • New maps
  • New music

Please note that there is no longer a village connected to the Alliance versus Alliance system in this area.

This revamp also required us to tweak certain existing content, including:
  • Old achievements have been removed, along with the points earned from them. This measure is necessary as players who have never completed these achievements will no longer have access to them. If you end up below the required minimum, this won't invalidate achievements you've already completed. That said, Pandala offers more achievement points than before.
    • In order to reward players who have completed the old Pandala achievements, two new titles will be available in the coming days: one for those who have completed all the dungeons in the area before the update and one for those who have completed the achievements related to these dungeons (on production servers and not on beta). Two achievements will be added to distribute these titles to qualifying players (retroactive). It is a must to log-in before the update to benefit from it. Once this has passed, it will no longer be possible to obtain these titles.
  • The quest providing access to the island, as well as the main quest (up to Wabbit Island), have been updated.
  • Older homes are still around, but they have been moved and graphically updated.
  • Pets and petsmounts connected to the old Pandala have been modified as a result. See details about what to feed them, their hormones, and their favorite areas in the encyclopedia found on the official website. This applies to the following creatures: Peki Peki, Little White Bow Meow, Ghast, Leopardo, Minifoux, Pandawa Cub, Boarhog, Razorbuck, Bulbutting, Measured Boon, Paunchy Boon, Boonax, Measured Godron, Icky Godron, Raccoon, and Mischievous Squirrel.
  • The old monsters in this area, along with associated resources, have been removed. Affected recipes and quests have been tweaked accordingly. A list of the resources removed is available here.
  • The old archmonsters in this area have been eliminated and are no longer required for the Ochre Dofus quest.
  • The Daggero, Peki Peki and Bulbig Brotha bosses are no longer available. Tanukouï San has been replaced by a boss of the same name in the new dungeon in Terrdala. The Pandora Master, meanwhile, is now part of a new quest.
  • The spell "Soul Capture" is now obtained through a new quest in Pandala, or by doing the new Kwakwa's Nest dungeon.
  • Certain wanted monsters have been relocated: Marzwel the Goblin in the Koalaks' Enchanted Lakes; Aermyne in the Cania Forest; Rok Gnorok in the Minerock Plains; Zatoishwan in the Bwork Outpost; and Musha the Oni in the Deep Moon Jungle.
  • A boat has been added to the new Osakwa Harbour for accessing Nolifis Island and Madrestam Harbour.
  • The Rokwa Headband is now a ceremonial item; this is a retroactive change.
  • Several Almanax have been changed as follows:
    • January 19: Experience earned from monsters of the Undried family has increased by 75%.
    • February 5: The chance of loot dropping in the Astrub Rocky Inlet area has increased by 125%.
    • March 7: Experience earned in the Wind Dojo has increased by 125%.
    • March 30: The chance of loot dropping from Moors monsters has increased by 75%.
    • April 20: Experience earned from monsters in Feudala has increased by 100%.
  • The following breeding items are no longer in the game:
    • Bambooto Slapper
    • Bambooto Manger
    • Bambooto Drinking Trough
    • Bambooto Lightning Thrower
    • Bambooto Plank
    • Holy Bambooto Manger
    • Holy Bambooto Drinking Trough
    • Holy Bambooto Slapper
    • Holy Bambooto Lightning Thrower


A new feature is available in the game: calligraphy. It is being made available for the first time with the new Pandala quests. It involves drawing certain shapes on the screen in a special interface so you can interact with Pandala Island in a unique way.

It's a new way for players to perform actions that will have an impact on the outcome of certain quests!

This feature is unlocked during the quest line in Pandala.

Will you be able to solve all the puzzles?


Ascension Island

New equipment is available using the resources offered by the Ascension Island merchant:
  • The level-164 Nagate's Tear amulet
  • The level-175 Roasty Breadstick
  • The level-182 Firefoux Spitfire backpack
  • The level-200 Hanshi Staff
  • The level-200 Shihan Fans daggers
  • The level-200 Fugitive Set

Changes to Level 50-100 Equipment

Most equipment, sets, and weapons from level 50 to 100 have been reworked to continue this project we started in June 2020.

This includes changes to characteristics, usually an increase, as well as to recipes. These changes are not retroactive and will only affect weapons crafted after the update.

Please note that the following equipment can no longer be obtained from monsters, but they can be crafted:
  • Yench Cutting Sword
  • Pretty Blade
  • Crocoburio's Spirit

Weapon Balancing

Around 30 weapons between level 180 and 200 have been rebalanced, and some of their recipes have been reworked as well. This time, changes are retroactive and based on the weapons' usage ratio, as well as, and more importantly, weapons' current power, whether too weak or too powerful.

Here is a complete list:
  • Hail Sceptre: level 192; +7 total critical damage bonus; 1/45 critical hit; Intelligence > 199; Agility > 199; Strength > 199
  • Archaic Bow: costs 3 AP
  • Stormcloud Staff: costs 4 AP; Intelligence > 399; Strength > 299
  • Teroid Axe: level 190, +7 total critical damage bonus • Ground Dog: costs 5 AP; updated recipe
  • Vetic Shovel: level 181
  • Archon's Bow: Intelligence > 299; Agility > 299; Chance > 299
  • Projects Axe: level 185
  • Hickory Shovel: level 172
  • Elven Shovel: level 194; +7 total critical damage bonus
  • Az'tech: level 182; +7 total critical damage bonus
  • Nerotic Wand: +6 total critical damage bonus; updated recipe
  • Riff Hatchet: +6 total critical damage bonus
  • Tomahorse: costs 5 AP
  • Ethical Wand: +6 total critical damage bonus
  • Mallard's Mallet: +7 total critical damage bonus
  • Shovel Emlaka: costs 3 AP
  • Sunshade Staff: +6 total critical damage bonus; 1/40 critical hit
  • Joyous Seizers: Intelligence > 399; Strength > 149
  • Assinscrede Axe: 1/30 critical hit
  • Thunderbuff Hammer: 1/60 critical hit; +7 total critical damage bonus
  • Shorpoon: +8 total critical damage bonus; updated recipe
  • Giger's Nightmare Blade: costs 5 AP; +5 total critical damage bonus
  • Korriander Axe: costs 3 AP; +4 total critical damage bonus
  • Slashen Axe: level 192; updated recipe
  • Godswrath Daggers: +6 total critical damage bonus
  • Corrupted Bow: costs 6 AP; updated recipe
  • Peccary Blade: costs 5 AP
  • Sepulchral Sceptre: level 194; +7 total critical damage bonus
  • Beddy Bow: level 183


  • You now have to be at least level 180 to equip the Ice Dofus.
  • Undergrowth Set: there is now an AP bonus when 3 items are equipped.
  • Funguset: there is now an MP bonus when 3 items are equipped.
  • Initiative pets now have a maximum bonus of 2000. It is now necessary to feed them again to reach this. This applies to the Little White Bow Meow, Homlett, Bontarian Tofu, and Maulleycat pets. The Mouselet pet's maximum Initiative will also increase.
  • The Awakening Shield has been added to the Shariva Merchant located at the Trading Counter at [5,3].
  • Certain equipment recipes required several other pieces of equipment, which would prevent crafting as it was impossible to stack these pieces of equipment in the interface. These recipes have been adjusted to correct this issue.

Changes to Frigost Monsters

In Frigost, monsters display a level that is different from their "true" level. For example, a monster family of level 160 to 170 will display levels 190 to 210, but their stats will be for their original level, creating a degree of inconsistency in the game. We wanted to modify this system to display the true level.

For several monsters, this has also resulted in increasing or decreasing the experienced earned, drop rates, and some of their characteristics.

Here is a detailed list of the changes.
  • Frigost Village monsters: area's average level to 80
    • Crabeye: level 80 to 88; experience and HP increased
  • Mastogobs: area's average level to 110
  • Lonesome Pine Trail monsters: area's average level to 130
  • Pingwins: area's average level to 140
  • Alma's Cradle monsters: area's average level to 150
    • Buck Anear: level 150; HP adjusted
  • Tears of Ouronigride monsters: area's average level to 160; drop rates increased
    • Atomystique: level 152 to 160; experience and HP reduced
    • Steam Crackler: level 153 to 161; experience and HP reduced
    • Fumaroller: level 149 to 157; experience and HP reduced
    • Mofette: level 156 to 164; experience and HP reduced
    • Solfatara: level 150 to 158; experience and HP reduced
    • Maglob: level 160; HP reduced
    • Obsidemon: level 160
  • Snowfoux: area's average level to 170; drop rates increased
    • Foster Fuji Snowfoux: level 190
    • Tengu Snowfoux: level 170
    • Kami Snowfoux: level 162 to 170; experience and HP reduced
    • Maho Snowfoux: level 160 to 168; experience and HP reduced
    • Soryo Snowfoux: level 164 to 172; experience and HP reduced
    • Yokai Snowfoux: level 163 to 171; experience and HP reduced
    • Yomi Snowfoux: level 159 to 167; experience and HP reduced
  • Petrified Forest monsters: area's average level to 180; drop rates increased
    • Treecherous: level 175 to 183; experience and HP reduced
    • Dramanita: level 172 to 180; experience and HP reduced
    • Fistulina: level 173 to 181; experience and HP reduced
    • Fungore: level 168 to 176; experience and HP reduced
    • Serpula: level 170 to 178; experience reduced and HP increased
    • Korriander: level 180 • Fangs of Glass monsters: area's average level to 190
    • Bestial Brockhard: level 181 to 189; experience and HP reduced
    • Icy Brockhard: level 183 to 191; experience and HP reduced
    • Venomous Brockhard: level 182 to 190; experience and HP reduced
    • Nightcrawling Brockhard: level 184 to 192; experience and HP reduced
    • Kolosso: level 190 • Professor Xa: level 190
  • Mount Scauldron monsters: area's average level to 200; drop rates reduced
    • Vespal Bearbarian: level 188 to 196; experience and HP increased
    • Celestial Bearbarian: level 200; experience and characteristics increased


  • Update on iOS issues:
    • The display is now correctly centered.
    • Resolved drag & drop actions that were sometimes shifted.
    • Resolved the display of tutorial arrows that was lagging.
    • As for the rest of the issues, including the keyboard not opening, are being resolved.
  • There were display issues on the latest Apple models (certain elements/interactions were delayed; centered screen); these have been fixed.
  • The respawn time for Kwismas Dragoturkeys has been reduced.
  • Damage dealt by certain monsters has been reduced, and casting limits per turn have been added to certain spells for the following monster families: Scaly, Undried, Riftworms, Kanigs, Dodus, Stubbyobs, and Minerocks.
  • It is now possible to learn the artificer profession in any workshop.
  • Certain monsters' glyphs have been recolored so as to be more distinguishable from the tactical grid.
  • A new potion can be crafted by alchemists: the Stagecoach Station Potion. This is used to teleport to the stagecoach located at [-2,-20].
  • The size of the following ceremonial pets and petsmounts has been changed: Dakal, Rafal, Brial, Mikhal, Kourial, and Drhellakna.
  • The Short-Tempered Dark Treechnee no longer causes lag.
  • The February 14 Almanax has been updated; it will now grant +100% XP for all quests.
  • A scroll bar is added to the wanted monsters interface if the text is too long. It was already possible to scroll, but this wasn't easy to figure out.
  • Several in-game texts and maps have been corrected.

Several changelog translations are not yet available and will arrive as soon as possible over the coming days.

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