You probably know by now that a major update involving Pandala will be released later this year! While waiting for the beta, we'll tell you more in this article.

Pandala Revamp

Much of Pandala will be transformed in the update: mainly the villages of Akwadala, Terrdala, Feudala, and Aerdala. These zones will be spread over levels 150–200 and will offer new quests, achievements, resources, equipment, monsters, dungeons, and more…

Besides these zones' levels, this entire revamp will be different from the one that was done in DOFUS.

You'll be able to get a new Dofus – the Domakuro – through its quests. It will grant the following bonuses:

Fixed bonus:

  • +30 Critical damage

Passive bonus (shield-type):

  • Damage suffered in close combat increases the caster's ranged damage by 2% for 3 turns.
  • Damage suffered from a distance increases the caster's close-combat damage by 2% for 3 turns.
  • Can be stacked 5 times.

You'll also be able to craft a new set for each zone.


A new feature – Calligraphy – can be found in the game; it is being made available for the first time with the new Pandala quests. It involves drawing certain shapes on the screen in a special interface so you can interact with Pandala Island in a unique way.

It's a new way for players themselves to perform actions that will have an impact on the World of Twelve!


Aside from the sets available in Pandala, other equipment is also being added via Ascension Island:

  • the level-164 Nagate's Tear amulet,
  • the level-175 Roasty Breadstick,
  • the level-182 Firefoux Spitfire backpack,
  • the level-200 Hanshi Staff,
  • the level-200 Shihan Fans daggers,
  • and the level-200 Fugitive Set.

In addition, most level-50–100 equipment, sets, and weapons will be reworked to continue this project we started in June 2020.

Finally, around 30 level-180–200 weapons will be rebalanced, and some of their recipes will be reworked.

Change to Frigost Monsters

In Frigost, monsters display a level that is different from their "real" level. For example, a level-160–170 monster family will display levels 190–210, but they will have stats from their original level, creating a degree of inconsistency in the game. We wanted to modify this system to display the real level.

For many monsters, this also results in increasing or decreasing the experienced earned, drop rates, and some of their characteristics.


There are many other new things and improvements in store for you in this update! Check out the beta in the coming days to find out more.