There's no downtime in DOFUS Touch! Last week saw the Pandala update, and tomorrow Kwismas Island returns.

DOFUS Touch Kwismas 2020

Tomorrow through February 2 16, 2021 after maintenance, explore the lands of Kwismas Island at your own risk!

This magical island offers a wide variety of content, in particular:
  • 3 new zones with 3 Kwismas Dungeons and new achievements to unlock
  • Kwismas-themed rewards, such as the Slayhound petsmount
  • gifts that drop from the island's various monsters
  • a community quest, including the mysterious Slab Room
  • new dailies and one-time quests
  • a Kwismas Dragoturkey

You might also cross paths with the terrifying Kwismas Minotoball, who'll offer you a shield and an exclusive title if you defeat him…

Starting tomorrow, take Hector Kwismas's boat located at [8,-6] and head to the island!