Hold on tight, because an avalanche of good deals is falling right on top of you! It's winter sale** season in the Ankama Shop, and you're bound to find something cool!


When you think about it, wintertime has all the best things. There's eggnog, Christmas cookies… And of course, drinking hot cocoa while snuggled up under a blanket to watch sappy movies.

But let's not forget: winter also means sales in the Ankama Shop!

They kick off today and are already offering discounts that won't leave you in the cold! So hurry on over to the Ankama Shop website: supplies are limited!


* This term usually refers to skiing straight down a slope at full speed; here it's used to indicate that prices are dropping fast.

** Offer valid while supplies last. The 2021 Winter Sales last from 1/20 through 2/16.