DOFUS Touch is recruiting Community Helpers to help out new adventurers in their adventures. Are you a guide at heart? Are you prepared to share what you know? 



Visitors to our Discord probably already know about this status. Now, we want to make it more official and better supervised.

Community Helpers are passionate about helping noobs and players who are a bit lost when it comes to DOFUS Touch, either directly in the game, on the forums, or on Discord.

The idea isn't to take charge of these players' advancement but to answer their questions so that they are more comfortable with the game and its various mechanisms. Take tomorrow's heroes under your wing!


CHs inform and guide players on:
  • game basics,
  • procedures (bugs, bots, insults, connecting from abroad, etc.),
  • available tools (the Authenticator, encyclopedia, Discord,,, etc.),
  • major official decisions.

  • CHs are not Ankama staff.
  • They are not moderators and do not have moderator rights.
  • They are not expected to know all DOFUS Touch content.
  • They are not high-level players who get others past dungeons or the like.

Above all, CHs:
  • are passionate and want to share their love of DOFUS Touch with others;
  • know how to keep their cool and be diplomatic at all times;
  • stay on top of game news;
  • have the necessary experience to help and advise beginners;
  • are able to communicate effectively (content and style);
  • are available and fairly active (on Discord, the forums, and in the game);
  • follow the rules.


Just like moderators, CHs are volunteer players who are there above all for love of the game and to make DOFUS Touch better. Therefore, they won't be receiving any free goultines or Vulbis Dofus!

However, a few practical and honorary advantages are reserved for them:
  • a distinctive title in the game, on the forum, and on Discord;
  • the word (Helper) in front of their nicknames in the Beginner channel and unlimited access to it;
  • a private discussion space with game staff on Discord;
  • some in-game tools.


Just fill out the form below and send it via Ankabox to [Flatops]. We need more or less volunteers depending on the server, particularly to cover the in-game Beginner channel properly as it welcomes hundreds of new players every day. Therefore, recruiting will stay open until further notice. But be warned: first come, first served!

You will have a one-month trial period, and then we'll leave you alone (but don't go crazy, okay?!). That said, Ankama reserves the right to withdraw your community helper status at any time if you do not comply with everything outlined above. 


See you very soon in DOFUS Touch!
Ankama Games processes the data collected in order for your volunteer application to be processed. To learn more about how your data is managed and what your rights are, see our Privacy Policy.