In the next major update scheduled for June, we plan to implement a new feature involving daily objectives. We'll tell you more in this devblog!

In the next major update, we want to give you daily objectives to complete in order to earn as many rewards as possible!

How Missions Work

Every day, through a new dedicated interface, each level-30-or-higher player who has already left Incarnam will be given three missions to complete during the day. They will obviously be optional and you won't have to complete them.

They will be random and varied, and will adapt to your character's level, professions, and many other factors. Each character on your account will have their own daily missions based on these criteria.

We want to offer a wide range of missions so that everyone can get something out of it and perhaps discover other aspects of the game that they haven't yet explored. Here are some examples:

  • complete 1 challenge in a fight suited to your level;
  • defeat X monster(s) of a given type;
  • craft X item(s) requiring Y different ingredient(s);
  • validate X floors of Ascension Island;
  • participate in X Kolossium fight(s);
  • and more!

If an objective is not completed during the day, it will be kept for the next day, and so on.

Objectives with counters will be saved and not reset the next day.

What should you do with objectives you don't like? Great question!

After midnight, the first time each player logs in that day, they will receive a "refresh" allowing them to replace one daily mission with another one randomly. Up to three refreshes can be collected per server and per account. Beyond that, you can get extra refreshes by spending a few goultines.

Each mission may be "common" or "rare", which will affect how it is completed, but also its rewards.


Since we mentioned them, let's talk about them!

Each mission completed will let you get:

  • experience for your character (this is always the case);
  • a wide variety of items;
  • brand-new cosmetic items;
  • and goultines.

Common missions will only give you experience, whereas rare missions may give you something from among all the points mentioned above.

And that's not all!

Every three missions completed with a character, whether on the same day or spread over several days, you will get a box of rewards based on your level. It will offer you even more gifts, such as characteristic scrolls, resources, etc. at first, then cosmetic things such as titles or new ceremonial items in future updates.

These rewards will also have a rarity, ranging from "common" to "rare". For example, you will be able to get Almanax pages, purses of kamas, resource containers of varying sizes, and even spell scrolls!

Dedicated Interface

A new interface will be available to view and track your daily missions. To get there, you just have to press the button that used to be linked to the Almanax in your shortcut bar.

It has been completely redesigned and will let you view today in the Almanax, as well as the daily missions presented in this devblog.

The first tab will be for daily missions, and the second one will be for the Almanax. Let's focus on the first one!

At the top of the interface, there is a global tracker of your daily missions with a progress bar.

In the second part of the interface, the details of each mission will be available:

  • the mission title;
  • its full description;
  • its rewards;
  • the option to replace it with another one using the button on the right;
  • and a "timer" once a mission has been completed, indicating when the next one will be available.

Above this list, you will see the number of refreshes available to replace your missions: on the left for refreshes received automatically every day, and on the right for ones you bought in the shop using goultines.

That's it for this devblog! Leave your questions and comments below, and we'll do our best to answer.

You can test everything in-game during the coming beta this week. See you soon!