As explained in the January Missive, this year we'd like to decide on the future of Dopple spells. It's time we got your input: Ready for a little survey?

Avenir des sorts Dopeuls DOFUS Touch

In 2018, player Ravasz suggested in the French forums that Dopple spells obtained at level 200 should be removed. While this was not a priority for us, we nonetheless found it interesting and put it in the workshop.

This year, we'd like to deal with and wrap up the issue, but before doing anything else, we'd like to hear your opinions by way of a survey!

We've selected three options based on our schedule and our priorities:
  • Completely remove these spells, as initially proposed
  • Replace Dopples with a new common summon, which would be controllable for 2 turns and have a recast time of a few turns. It would have three spells: the first for attacking a target in the player's best element, a second for pushing a target back a few cells, and a third for performing a minor heal.
  • Leave Dopples as they are and balance the damage done by certain spells without modifying their effects

We're being intentionally evasive on certain elements of the second point, as our game designers will have to discuss this if we go forward with it.

As we've already suggested, we don't want to balance all existing Dopples. We would rather devote this valuable time to other topics, such as balancing updates or the upcoming class revamps.

Now let's get on with the voting! You have until May 4, 2021 at 12:00 PM (Paris time) to complete the survey below.


Feel free to share any questions you might have in the comments section of this article before voting!

We want to thank players in advance for taking the time to participate in this survey.