The weeks and months ahead are looking pretty exciting… even thrilling! The long-awaited class overhauls and balancing updates are finally about to arrive. Learn more in this new article.

DOFUS Touch class revamp tests

Although we were unable to offer playtests in our studio as usual this year, we still want your help with the first tests of the upcoming class overhauls! Read on for more details.

Three class overhauls

In addition to some more minor balancing work on certain classes, the Cra, Eniripsa, and Sacrier classes will be getting extensive makeovers this year!

These choices will be explained and detailed in our devblog posts, which will appear on the official website in the next two weeks.

We know that you've also been waiting for changes affecting other classes like Ecaflips and Xelors, but for those classes, we have plans that we're not quite ready to implement yet. Therefore, we felt it was better to wait so that once those updates are ready, they'll truly live up to your expectations.

Before the beta tests planned for this summer, our game designers want to run some initial tests in small groups with a few community members in May and June. Interested in taking part?

Test plan

By completing the questionnaire provided below, every player can sign up for the chance to take part in these tests with our team.

Six French-speaking players, six English speakers, and six Latin American players will be selected based on their profiles and our goals for these tests.

These players will be given "test accounts" for the next beta test, scheduled for the end of May (through the DOFUS Touch Early app), and they'll have the opportunity to test all 3 overhauls. Throughout these tests, they'll be able to discuss their initial impressions with our team, mostly via Discord.

Unfortunately, we can't select any more players than this for this stage, but don't worry! Every player will be able to test the class overhauls and balancing updates during a second round of beta tests that are planned for July, and to give us their feedback and discuss things with our team on our forums or on the Discord for the beta.

Full schedule

  • The questionnaire to register for your chance to participate is available now, and will be open until Monday, May 10, at 12:00 noon (Paris time).
  • Devblogs about the three class overhauls will be published over the next two weeks.
  • On May 13 14, we will publish the list of selected players and announce the date of the first beta tests.
  • On May 24, a voice chat with our team will be organized on Discord for the 6 French-speaking players to kick off the tests, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM (Paris time).
    • For the selected English-speaking and Latin American players, chat rooms followed by our team will be created on the official Discord the same day at 5:00 PM (Paris time).
  • We'll then let these players test the overhauls on their own for a week.
  • They'll be asked to return a questionnaire to our team no later than Thursday, May 27.
  • On May 31, a second voice chat session will be organized for the French-speaking players from 5:00 to 8:00 PM (Paris time) for a debrief about the tests.
    • For the English-speaking and Latin American players, the debrief will take place in the corresponding Discord text chat rooms, starting on May 31.
  • Around mid-June, an article will be published on the official site to debrief the entire community on the results of these tests.
  • And finally, the public beta tests for the class overhauls and balancing updates will kick off in July!

Questionnaire to fill out

If you want to participate in these tests, please make sure you're available for all of the time slots listed above.

If you're sure you can be there, then the next step is to fill out the questionnaire! Remember, the questionnaire is open until 12:00 noon (Paris time) on Monday, May 10.

I want to participate!

We'll be following your comments below, and we'll be back in touch soon with the first devblog post!