The survey on the future of Dopple spells has ended, and it's time to share the results!
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A few weeks ago, we proposed the following three ideas related to Dopple spells earned at level 200:
  1. Completely remove these spells
  2. Replace Dopples with a new common summon, which would be controllable for 2 turns and have a recast time of a few turns. It would have three spells: the first for attacking a target in the player's best element, a second for pushing a target back a few cells, and a third for performing a minor heal.
  3. Leave Dopples as they are and balance the damage done by certain spells without modifying their effects

Thousands of you participated in the survey, and we thank you!

Without further ado, here are the results:
  • Option 1: 18.32%
  • Option 2: 40.47%
  • Option 3: 41.21%

So, it's a close call between the last two options.

In light of these results, and after closely reviewing your feedback, we'd like to work on a compromise that we hope will please as many players as possible.

Changes Coming to Dopple Spells

We'd like to offer a solution that factors in the key elements of options 2 and 3, as summarized below:
  • Each Dopple will have spells used only by the Dopple, replacing spells shared by the class and its Dopple.
  • Each Dopple will be controllable and will automatically disappear after 2 turns. The cooldown will be more or less the same as it is now.
  • The spell's AP cost will be reduced.
  • Dopples' stats won't be based on the caster (as is currently the case).

A template will be used for the spells:
  • A generic damage spell: 3 AP; 2 uses per turn. Range and damage values will be identical across different Dopples. The spell's element will be based on the Dopple using it, which we've determined for each class.
  • A damage spell with an effect related to the caster's class: 4 AP; 1 use per turn. Damage will vary depending on the effect.
  • A utility spell related to the caster's class: 2 AP; 1 use per turn.

Spell effects linked to class will be done in such a way that their respective advantages will be equal across all classes.

We're taking this opportunity to remove binding effects from certain Dopples, like the AP or MP reduction that provided an unfair advantage, particularly in PvP.

We'll get back to you later with more details on the effects of each Dopple's spells.

Timeframe for Implementing Changes

We would like to modify all Dopples with a single update. We can't necessarily confirm this will be done at the same time as the class overhauls and balancing to be implemented this summer, but we'll try our best to make it happen.

At any rate, we're confident that this topic will be definitively wrapped up within the year, as previously announced.

Our thanks again to all the players who took time out to complete the survey and provide detailed feedback in the forums!

See you all soon in the World of Twelve!