Today, a new feature is on its way to make your beloved Ankama accounts even better! The non-unique nickname system is aimed at making your life easier. Let's take a closer look!


New nickname news! A non-unique nickname system will soon be added to the game. After all these years of having to do without your preferred nickname because some other player got to it first, you'll finally be able to rediscover your "true" identity.

The idea behind non-unique nicknames is to free up the ones already in use and allow everyone to choose the nickname they really want. The deployment of this new feature will proceed in two stages. Starting May 25, a numbered ID will be issued to all nicknames, making it possible to distinguish players who choose the same one. At this point, it still won't be possible for two players to have identical nicknames. Not until Tuesday, June 1st will players be able to create an account that uses an already-existing nickname. To be sure you're talking to (or beating up on) the right person, you'll just need to verify the ID of the player in question, which will be visible in different places like Ankama profile pages or forum topics. In addition, a page will be set up on the site and in the Ankabox where you'll be able to find and add friends!

Important! Note that the next Ascension Island rotation will not be accessible until this new feature is active. In light of this situation, the rotation will take place at some point in June.