The work on the duplication bug reported late last week is coming to an end. You can find here a summary of the last few days and hours of work done, as well as an update on the decisions made.


What happened?

Late last week, our team started receiving feedback about a possible bug in the game. At first, the feedback focused on a possible bug through buying and selling to NPCs and our team spent a lot of time investigating different possibilities, which was inconclusive.

For a second time and since Saturday morning, a possible duplication bug in the achievements is investigated. Again, the investigation was not conclusive enough to identify the problem.

Around 1:00 PM (Paris time) the reproduction of a duplication bug is reported by some players and reproduced by our teams.

Once the bug was confirmed, our team met as soon as possible and decided to close the game servers around 3:45 PM (Paris time) on Saturday. Thereafter, our team started a long procedure which consisted of:

  • Reproduce the bug not on the classic servers, but on the local servers (an essential step for testing).
  • Fix the bug
  • Carry out an investigation to identify since when the bug has been consistently exploited and to estimate the extent of the damages
  • To finally initiate the rollback procedure

To give you an idea, some players have generated billions of Kamas in the space of a few hours, which is far beyond what occurs naturally. Not to mention duplicate items, such as several hundred Dofus Vulbis.

No Rollback Decision

The rollback option has been widely discussed in the last few days. As the exploitation of the bug started many days ago, such a decision would cause you to lose a lot of game time and would have serious consequences for the community.

This is a situation as unprecedented as it is critical, so we have taken the necessary time to think and act as best as possible in order not to penalize you more than necessary.

Therefore, the rollback solution was finally ruled out.

Still, the following decisions were taken:

  • All players who exploited the bug have been permanently banned from the game.
  • Our team implemented the necessary corrections to destroy as many of the resources generated by the bug as possible.

The impact may be felt in the short term, but it will be absorbed over time and you will be able to continue playing without losing several weeks of investment.


Regarding the server downtime, compensation will be distributed in the next few days. We will inform you as soon as possible.

We apologize once again for all these inconveniences and would like to thank all the players who have given us feedback on these problems. In these situations, the sooner we receive the information, the better we can react: these players are our allies and we thank them for helping us to keep the game healthy.