New details lead us to rollback all servers today and we want to explain them in this dedicated article.

Rollback DOFUS Touch



At the end of last week, a significant duplication bug was discovered on the DOFUS Touch servers, as we describe in this article.

After an extensive investigation to identify, correct, and determine the extent of the damage, we informed you that a rollback was not necessary. We were able to limit duplications through careful analysis and numerous bans, while not forcing you to lose your progress over days gone by.

Unfortunately during this investigation, new issues have been identified and it becomes very difficult at this stage to manage the accumulation of these in parallel with the first issue.

We are therefore forced to make the heavy decision to rollback all game servers.

Rollback Dates

A rollback of the servers will therefore be carried out today. As a reminder, a rollback is a return to a specific date and time based on a previous backup.

As these new issues were not exploited in the same way on all servers, it was decided not to rollback the servers on the same dates.

We are currently studying the outcomes on each server to determine the best possible rollback dates for each and we will get back to you when we know more.

We are aware of the inconvenience this has caused and we are deeply sorry that it had to come to this. Rest assured that this decision has been carefully considered, it is essential to ensure the sustainability of your servers and to ensure a healthy and pleasant environment for you in the long term.


The compensation package will be distributed in the coming days. Learn more.

The past and current adventures are unprecedented for DOFUS Touch and we know perfectly well how much they can weigh on you and your experience in the World of Twelve. Our team is doing everything in its power to handle this situation as best and as quickly as possible.