How about an unforgettable new stay in Vulkania? This is what we are offering you today in DOFUS Touch!


Same as every year, Vulkania Park is making a big comeback for the summer! Get ready to experience extraordinary adventures and collect as much loot as possible.

The island is now open and closes on August 31's maintenance.

For these two months, here's what you'll find on the island:

  • the "Vulkanian Salute", "Superhero", "Lizard", and "Stock" emotes;
  • a competition between the villages of Vulkorog and Otomaisle;
  • a petsmount and a pet, both uniquely Vulkanian: the Madreggon and the Krolimea;
  • a "  Parasol  " emote dropped by the bosses Grozilla and Grasmera;
  • the Magmatic Set and the Quartzotic Set;
  • quests;
  • the Grofus;
  • two terrifying bosses to fight: Grozilla and Grasmera;
  • a level-190 or higher weapon;
  • and over 40 achievements to unlock!

Head for Madrestam Harbour at [8,-5] to catch the boat to the park!

If you need help with the dungeons and quests (and if your French is up to speed!), visit for hints.

Enjoy the summer!