As you step out into the World of Twelve today, don't be surprised if you feel that everything is at one with itself: that's because balance has been restored! The latest DOFUS Touch update is now available in the game.


Whether it's a complete overhaul or small improvement, the character classes below have undergone surgery from our game designers. Let's take a look at what you can already find in game.

The Major Changes

Sacrier: balanced strength

The Sacriers are changing, but not getting bigger heads: They now have a more balanced and wider variety of actions, while retaining their original simplicity. Basically, the Sacriers can finally do what they want.

Cra: diversify and conquer

With a wider range of spells, variable effects and a brand-new Tactical Beacon system to unleash devastating combos, the Cras aim to win every time!

Eniripsa: time to attack

Healers, arcanists and alchemists: The Eniripsas are revealing their hidden talents and proving that they can deal damage just as well as heal it. In other words, they certainly have lots more to say…

Other Improvements

Smaller but just as important, here are the other improvements included in this update.

Masqueraiders: not just a simple adjustment

A modified Pushback Damage formula, spell adjustments and a revised shield system: The Masqueraiders are revealing their new look!

And also:

Tweaks to other classes, to Pushback Damage, to shield points, and many other improvements and fixes that you can find in the changelog or directly in the game!


In game now