Goultines can't buy happiness, but they sure do help! From September 14 through 28, get twice as many of them from your rare Daily Quests!

You can't have missed it – not unless you were abducted by alyeenas, in which case you probably had other snappers to fry… This year is a milestone for Ankama, which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary!

As you might expect, we're marking the occasion by treating you to a whole bunch of events and festivities of all kinds.

What's more, from Tuesday, September 14, to Tuesday, September 28, players who complete their rare Daily Quests will get twice as many goultines as initially planned!

To refresh your memory, Daily Quests are day-to-day objectives that let adventurers both use their spare time and – most of all – grab as many rewards as they can!

Get ready, because it's happening tomorrow!