Thanks to your dedication and hard work, our beloved King Allister was able to find his 4 missing koalak emissaries! Without your help, the party he organized for the 5th anniversary of DOFUS Touch might never have taken place! Congratulations to our winners!

Île de l'Ascension DOFUS Touch

You needed to stay alert and keep your eyes peeled… and your patience and perseverance paid off! Here's where King Allister's koalaks were hiding!

Thanks to Sr-Pol (Brutas)Rowkyz (Terra Cogita)Lilcare (Brutas) and Sand-Sttorm (Herdegrize), the King's soirée went off without a hitch! For their efforts, they will be richly rewarded by the king himself, who will present them with a magnificent Ridit Shield!

Our congratulations also go out to Lighta (Brutas), who was selected in the random drawing to win 20,000 goultines and an anniversary pack.

Thanks to all the players who took part in this event!

And remember, the party's still going strong as we celebrate Ankama's 20th anniversary!