How would you like to take your classes for a test drive before committing to them? Well, you're in luck: that's the opportunity we're offering with an unlimited restat weekend from September 24 to 27!

Île de l'Ascension DOFUS Touch

Whether they've simply had their range adjusted or opted for a complete spell overhaul, your classes have all recently undergone various tweaks and adjustments in the experienced hands of our game designers to provide you with a better version of each of them.

But then… how can you know whether you've chosen the right path without a chance to try it out first? Answer: you can't. That's why we're offering an unlimited restat weekend* to let you test out your class's full potential and make an informed choice.

From Friday, September 24 at 5:00 PM through Monday, September 27 at 9:00 AM (Paris time), visit the NPC Adi Therer in-game at [3,-5] for a chance to reset your characters' characteristics… as many times as you want!

* NOTE: You can restat your characteristics, but not your spells.