This year, something new is spicing up the Al Howin festivities. A herd of pumpwkin-headed gobballs will soon invade the streets. Beware, else you'll be struck by the curse as well! Log in to the game from tomorrow (or hide somewhere for a good three weeks; it's up to you).

Any demon will tell you (with a smile) that when misery rains, it pours… After the appearance of evil creatures between the salad and pumpkwin plants in Al Howin's Vegetable Patch and the opening of the no less inhospitable Horrib Isle, a new test awaits you for the upcoming Al Howin.

Some gobballs are clearly pumpkwin-brained; they'll be along with their big hooves and the firm intention not to let you take the pumpkwin!

Al Howin Gobball

These level-60 monsters will invade the World of Twelve from tomorrow, Tuesday, October 19, through Tuesday, November 9. You'll find them at the cradle and the village, Moon Beach, Bonecurdler Beach, the Cemetery of the Tortured, the Cania Fields, the Grassy Plains, the Enchanted Lakes, and Cania Forest.

Teach them a good lesson and you might walk away with the half-Rogue, half-Masqueraider ceremonial headgear: the Rogueraider headgear!

Rogueraider Headgear

Horrib Isle

Just like every year, Horrib Isle is back! As a reminder, it offers you the following content:

  • a 200 area made up of a farm area and a boss room: "Plateau Ribilis",
  • a 50 area made up of a farm area and a boss room: "Bonecurdler Beach",
  • a level-200 set and a level-50 set,
  • two cosmetic shields,
  • four quests,
  • and more than ten achievements!

Getting to the Isle

To get there, you must still go through Marco Conut at [14,14]. He'll ask you to carry out individual tasks before you can enter the sewers unless you already completed the mission in previous years.

Tip: The requested "pointed bones" can be found on skeletons in the "Bandit Territory" area and on Chafer Foot Soldiers, the Invisible Chafer, the Draugur Chafer, and the Rib.

Remember to take the Marco Conut quest before starting to collect the bones or there's a risk of losing them if you log out and back in.

Al Howin's Vegetable Patch

Al Howin's Vegetable Patch dungeon is reopening until Tuesday, November 9! Head to [-1,22] to get there.

Don't retreat before the evil creatures that live there: Not only will they let you craft the Punkin' Set, with its exclusive "Wimpkin" title, but if you manage to beat Al Howin, you'll also unlock an exclusive emote!

As a reminder, eight achievements are linked to Al Howin content:

  • six for the "Al Howin's Vegetable Patch" dungeon,
  • and two for event-related content.

Complete all the Horrib Isle and Al Howin achievements to unlock the "Panicky Pumpkwin" ornament!

Are you ready? No way! But you'll have no choice other than to deal with this recurring curse and charge in! Go on: It'll by worth your while!