What a happy coincidence. Just as the beta opens a doorway to the next DOFUS Touch update, a devblog leaps out of the woods to fully explain what will be featured.


The next DOFUS Touch update is fast approaching. There are two ways for you to learn all about what's in store: participate in the beta or read this devblog. And nothing's stopping you from doing both!

Changes to the Beta

The beta is changing; read this article to discover all the ways it'll work differently! 

Attention: You will need to update the DOFUS Touch application in the Apple Store and Google Play Store in order to access the BETA.

Plantala: The Roots of Evil

DOFUS Touch has cleared your path, using a machete, to a lost territory. A forgotten one. Move aside the last few branches and, should you decide to venture there, always bear in mind that despite its trappings and its beauty, nature is often dangerous. And if you run into Damadrya the forester, be sure to ask her what in the world happened to her…

This brand new zone includes:

  • Over 30 new maps to explore
  • A new level-200 monster family
  • A new dungeon and its keeper
  • New achievements and quests
  • New daily missions
  • A new set and a new Dofus
  • And other surprises for the curious among you!

The in-game World of Twelve map has changed accordingly.

Equipment Changes

  • The Altruistic passive for shields has been changed: It now grants the bearer a 15% bonus to healing received on odd turns.
  • The characteristics of the Koolich Set have been changed, as well as how to acquire it. It must now be crafted using classic recipes.
  • The NPC Koalak Master has been renamed Rigroulak.
  • This NPC now asks for a Koolich Essence instead of a Koolich Set.

Changes to the Emerald Dofus and Trophies

The Emerald Dofus and associated mechanics have been changed.

  • The Emerald Dofus's Vitality stat is now set to 300.
  • You must now be at least level 120 to equip this Dofus.
  • These changes are retroactive.
  • This Dofus remains unlinked.
  • It is no longer possible to get this Dofus from the Dark Vlad Dopple.

The fight with Dark Vlad, which allows you to get this Dofus, has been changed.
  • The fight now starts through a dialogue with an NPC.
  • Each character can only fight Dark Vlad once every 24 hours.
  • It is no longer possible to ask the Trool Fair clairvoyant for information about Dark Vlad.

We took this opportunity to tweak certain trophies associated with the Vitality stat.
  • Major Survivor: now grants a Vitality bonus of 120.
  • Survivor: now grants a Vitality bonus of 60.
  • Minor Survivor: now grants a Vitality bonus of 30.

Damage Previews

Previewing damage has been added to combat. To make it as precise as possible, we took the opportunity to fix various server-side problems to manage as many special cases as possible. It's possible that a small number of these are not yet properly managed, but we will continue to iterate on this feature over the course of multiple updates, particularly as part of balancing and class revamps.

For now, this feature will be turned off by default, and it will need to be enabled in the game options.


  • Multi-line damage is now grouped in the chat during combat.
  • A new Quests room is available in the chat. This will display NPC dialogue.
  • A notification has been added to the chat for the sale of a house.
  • Quest levels have been added to the quest book.
  • It is no longer possible to get around the limit on sending consecutive messages in trade and recruitment channels.
  • This limit is now 3 minutes instead of 2 in the recruitment channel, as was already the case for the trade channel.
  • The anti-flooding system in the chat has been improved.
  • During bonus XP events for professions, the preview of experience gained now updates correctly.
  • The rewards for certain achievements were sometimes repeated visually; this problem has been fixed.
  • Certain buttons on the game login page would redirect incorrectly; these have been fixed.
  • The icon for the Rok Gnorok wanted notice in the end-of-fight screen has been corrected.

Quests and Achievements

  • It is now possible to open the bestiary to the associated monster when there is an active wanted notice in the quest book.
  • It is no longer possible to receive bonuses from a pet when completing quests that transform the player's character.
  • Soul capture stones acquired during the quest "An Eternal Harvest" are now linked to the character. Once the stone is full, the link is removed so the item can be traded normally.
  • In the quest "Maya the Bee-Autiful", it is no longer possible to get stuck in the step requiring you to defeat the Vespal Bearbarians.
  • The text in the quest "Bandanalysis" has been corrected to give the right location of the bandanas.
  • The quest "A Questionable Collection" has been fixed; going to the entrance to the Kwakwa's Nest properly unlocks the objective. If the player already has the Soul Capture spell, the quest will correctly disappear from the quest book.
  • The quest "Instant Delivery" redirected to a map that was inaccessible on the world map; this problem has been fixed.
  • The quest "See Dark Vlad and Live" can once again be started properly.
  • When the quest "Kry Babby" is completed, the associated quest items are now properly removed from the character's inventory.
  • The achievement "Public Treasury" will validate right away without you needing to log out and log back in.
  • In the quest "Illumina Nui", if the player leaves the island before reaching the zaap, he can now return to [-73,-12] to use the boat and not get stuck.

Daily Missions

  • A new room has been added to the Almanax Sanctuary located at [-4,24]. There you'll be able to meet the new NPC Ekote Ax, who will let you battle any resource protector, if and only if you have the associated daily mission.
  • New daily missions have been added for the Fisherman profession.
  • New daily missions have been added with the new monsters and bosses in Plantala.
  • New cosmetic rewards have been added.

Monsters and Bosses

  • The deactivation of the Sylargh's Invulnerable state now always lasts until the last player who triggered deactivation begins their turn.
  • HP and experience provided by the Scale King are adjusted based on the number of players in combat.
  • The Heavy state is now shown as one of the Scale King's effects.
  • The Ghost Tanukouï San monster's Rickshaw spell now repels units by 6 cells (8 if a critical hit) instead of 8 (and instead of 12 if a critical hit).

Cra Class

  • Distant Shooting: The spell description has been corrected.

Eniripsa Class

  • Draining Word: The spell's health steal is 80% up from 60% of damage inflicted.

Enutrof Class

  • Pull Out: The penalty applied by the spell is now properly shown in the timeline during combat.

Foggernaut Class

  • Torrent:
    • The spell now attracts by 2 cells in a diagonal line (4 movement cells).
    • The spell's description in the spell book mentions a 2-cell attraction, as there is no in-line effect.
  • Backwash:
    • The spell now repels by 2 cells in a diagonal line (4 movement cells).
    • The spell's description in the spell book mentions a 2-cell pushback, as there is no in-line effect.
  • Pilfer: Damage has been increased for all spell levels.
  • Surge:
    • The damage penalty is now applied immediately on the target. It is no longer triggered by fire damage taken by the target.
    • The penalty applied has been increased for all spell levels.
    • The duration of this penalty has been reduced from 2 turns to 1 turn.
    • Stacking for this penalty has been reduced from 3 to 2.
    • The spell's damage has been increased for all spell levels.

Masqueraider Class

  • Trance: The number of shields granted by the spell has been increased.

 Osamodas Class

  • Gust:
    • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
    • When a critical hit is landed on a targeted summon, the spell cast is now correctly a critical hit as well.
  • Crow: The spell's base damage is increased for one turn each time it is cast. Must be used on a target.

Pandawa Class

  • Alcoholic Breath:
    • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
    • Pushback distance is now 2 cells instead of 1.
    • The spell's critical hit rate is now 1/40 instead of 1/50.
  • Schnaps: The spell no longer requires a line of sight to be cast.
  • Boozer: The spell no longer increases the Pandawa's resistances, but grants a percent reduction of damage suffered. The spell's other effects remain the same.

Sacrier Class

  • Martyr Punishment: The Power bonus stacked by getting hit now lasts for 2 turns instead 1.
  • Vital Punishment:
    • The damage reduction when the player is hit lasts for 2 turns instead of 1.
    • The reduction is 5% per hit instead of 6%.
    • It can stack up to 10 (and therefore maxes out at 50% damage reduction).
    • The trigger limit for increasing damage reduction in a turn is still 5.
  • Hot-Blooded:
    • The spell no longer applies the Gravity state.
    • The spell no longer applies a Parry penalty on the caster.
    • The Parry penalty on enemies and allies has been lowered from 40 to 15.
    • At levels 5 and 6, the number of casts per turn has been increased from 1 to 2.
    • At levels 5 and 6, the spell is now limited to 1 cast per target per turn.

Sram Class

  • Epidemic: The spell's damage has been corrected in the spell description.
  • Insidious Poison: Damage is now shown in the correct color if the spell lands a critical hit.

Xelor Class

  • Time Theft:
    • The spell's minimum range is now 2 instead of 3.
    • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
  • Distortion: The spell description has been corrected.


  • We were able to identify the source of the issue concerning the damage of the Dopples and have corrected it.

Removal of the Pet Sanctuary

The Pet Sanctuary dungeon has been removed from the game. We found the mechanic associated with it to be no longer worthwhile as such, and wanted to wipe the slate clean, while using the opportunity to tweak mechanics that went along with it, including pets.

  • The feeding period for pets will now be the same for all. The minimum time is 5 hours, and there is no maximum. A pet therefore can no longer starve to death or request food.
  • Hormones can now be used on corresponding pets (for example, an Atooin Hormone will heal an Atooin) to heal them for 5 health points.
  • Creashun Powder is now crafted using the Alchemist profession.
  • The Pet Sanctuary area no longer exists and has therefore been removed as a pet's favorite area.
  • The NPCs Walak and Oshima are no longer in the game.
  • The NPC Oshimo located at [9,21] now offers a Resurrection Powder for 50 Eniripsa Powder.

Technical Restructuring

As we announced in early 2021, we wanted to use this year to improve certain parts of our infrastructure. This update deals with a big (very big!) chunk of the server infrastructure, which has taken up a large part of the second half of the calendar year.

We won't go into specifics, but these changes are necessary to ensure the sustainability of the project and resolve certain technical issues we've encountered fairly regularly in recent months and years. They will also eventually improve working conditions for our production team, thus boosting turnaround and efficiency.

As the beta version has shifted to this new infrastructure, you may run into certain issues – please let us know about them through our various media.


  • At the end of each dungeon on Otomai Island, you will now get the key to the next dungeon instead of the key to the completed dungeon (except for the Lair of the Giant Kralove). In addition, these keys can now be made crafted by handymen.
  • Exploration achievements no longer grant experience; instead they offer teleportation potions as a reward.
  • When a character dies in areas linked to the Dreggons, the character now reappears in the Cemetery of the Tortured area.
  • The Dhrellthat and the Charming Tofu can now be fed the following monsters: Weirbwork, Burnabwork, Mabwork, and Megabwork.
  • It is no longer possible to summon monsters, apart from capturing souls, in the arenas in Bonta and Brakmar.
  • The price of the Whetstone item sold by the NPC Rish Claymore has been lowered to 1,000 kamas apiece.
  • When learning the Farmer profession in Incarnam, the player is no longer told to acquire the proper tool (since this profession doesn't require a special tool).
  • The NPC Foreman Ikure didn't suggest the player forget a profession when they had already learned three. This issue has been fixed.
  • Removed the NPC Farle Ingalsse's dialogue incorrectly telling the player he wasn't a farmer. This had no actual impact.
  • The placement slots on the Kolossium map, which were asymmetrical prior to a fix applied earlier this year, have been adjusted.
  • The anchor located in the center of traps and glyphs are now properly centered.
  • It is now possible to properly use multiple emotes in a row without having to move your character.
  • The pet Feanor now has maximum characteristics when purchased in the shop. This change is retroactive.
  • DOFUS Touch and Ankama anniversary decorations have been removed.
  • Several texts have been corrected.
  • Several maps in the World of Twelve have been fixed.