Ready to tear your hair out? Player Emrys has a brain-teaser worthy of Archimedes for you. Take your shot and try to win some nice prizes!


The Concept

The objective is simple: use the information provided below to determine how much HP the Feca has after using the spell Dirty Trick.

Want to try your luck? Email [email protected] by 9:00 AM (Paris time) on Wednesday, December 8, with an exact description of how to find the total! Tell us the remaining HP and how you got the answer (with calculations ordered by priority, e.g. what bomb explodes first, then second, and so on).

IMPORTANT: Sharing your solution with other participants is not allowed! Plus, doing so would not be to your advantage. Prizes will be awarded through a random drawing of all players who correctly solve the brain-teaser. The more players find the right answer, the less chance you have of walking away with prizes!

The Brain-Teaser

Enigme de Marthys DOFUS Touch

You're in the Kolossium, turn 4, you've killed 2 opponents, and you've lost your teammate.

Your Iop asks you if you can kill the Feca in one turn. He is level 188, but he has 4309 HP, 44% Water Resistance, 34% Fire Resistance, 25 fixed Water Resistance, and 44 fixed Fire Resistance.

You are a brilliant strategist, so you consider a Powder kill.

You have 11 AP when you start the fight, and you place your Water Bomb in a corner of the map on turn 1 to set up your play. You boost yourself with 2 Water Bombs and 3 Explobombs on turns 2 and 3 (all your bombs are level 6).

Your base stats are:

  • 840 Intelligence
  • 780 Chance
  • 170 Power
  • 117 fixed damage with Water and Fire

Your Iop boosts your Power, gets a critical hit with his level 3 spell, and uses Brokle on the opposing Feca.

The Feca uses his Rampart spell, which is level 3.

Now it's your turn, and you have 13 AP. You place an Explobomb in close combat with the Feca, and a Water Bomb on the other side (as shown in the screenshot). You get close to the Explobomb to create a wall after Dirty Trick, and you use the Last Breath spell, which hits 3 bombs without getting a critical hit (Last Breath is level 6).

You use Powder, without getting a critical hit, on the Explobomb (Powder is also level 6). You have 4 AP left, and you use Countdown on the big bomb without getting a critical hit (Countdown is level 4).

Focusing on the Feca, you notice his resistances, but it's too late, and you only have 3 AP left for Dirty Trick and 5 seconds left in the game. So, you cast the spell and BOOM!

To recap:

The Feca is level 188, is affected by Barrier and Brokle, and has:

  • 4309 HP
  • 34% Fire Resistance
  • 44% Water Resistance
  • 44 Fire Resistance (fixed)
  • 25 Water Resistance (fixed)

You have a Water Bomb in play starting in turn 1, and you are boosted by your own boosts + the Power from your Iop.


So the question is:

How much HP will the Feca still have after your turn? And if he dies, what is the highest amount of HP you could knock off? Prove your answer.



Three players will be drawn at random from among those who found the right answer. Those three will come away with:
  • A cosmetic item of their choice from the latest Prestige shop (excluding packs and services)
  • A Gerbean pet
  • A Ridit Shield

Only one entry is allowed per person. You have until 9:00 AM (Paris time) on Wednesday, December 8. Have fun racking your brains!

P.S. If you would also like to suggest events, feel free to contact our staff via the official forum, our Twitter account, or the DOFUS Touch Discord!