The beta just ended, so now's the time to go over it! Our CMs address its main themes, finishing, of course, with the question on everyone's lips…


The Plantala Zone

This update is full of surprises, but if we had to pick one, it'd be the new zone! Beautiful maps, thrilling narrative content (Damadrya isn't playing around…), new items, quests including an original fight (we won't spoil it any further), and an end-level dungeon! It's been a pleasure for us CMs to show off this zone day after day!

Regarding your feedback on the beta, it was constructive and allowed for multiple balancing changes, in terms of both equipment and monsters. Damadrya certainly became more powerful in this beta!
Oh, yes! We agree that the pandogorgo is pretty badass!

Changes to the Emerald Dofus and Dark Vlad

Here's a sensitive topic that has marked weeks of debate! While meddling with Dofus is always a tricky thing, revisiting this one was absolutely necessary. This is the kind of situation where we rediscover the power the community can have over the beta. There was much discussion with and among you to achieve what we consider a most successful outcome! Having a consistent drop rate, adjusting the Dofus level to its stats, and most of all, limiting the overgeneration that capturing it could cause! Kudos to everyone for getting involved in this topic!

Damage Previews

Here it is! The surprise feature of this beta. You were waiting for it, and it didn't come, but now it's actually here! That's all there is to it: a few bugs that have or will soon be fixed, and a feature that will most definitely improve your game experience!

Class Balancing

Three months after the class revamps, a balancing patch is already coming. In response to your feedback over the last few months, we've decided to rethink certain things like the management of Foggernaut diagonals, Sacrier punishments, the Masqueraider trance, etc. Will all these changes affect the meta? Most likely!


When you read the final changelog for this update, you'll understand that the Other section is there for a reason! With the change to pets, very-high-level weapons, set bonuses, the Kanigrula and Koolich dungeon, and dozens of additional lines, it's a lot to print!
And of course, always pay attention to the small print!

The Question Everyone's Asking

Are we really talking about the update's release date? Mark your calendars for… Soon!

All right, a little spoiler: The update "Plantala: The Roots of Evil" will be available in-game on December 1!