In this heartwarming Kwismas time, what would you say to a game of hide-and-seek on Twitter? With some lovable critters to boot? It'll be a riot! Find all 8 Kwismas goblimps hidden on our Twitter page to see what'll happen!

Gluttons' Night 2

It's happened before… This was a few years ago now.
An incident known as "the Blimpulose's Suhweets affair", or sometimes "Gluttons' Night", could have ended in tragedy.

"It was an accident!" cries the accused: Blimpulose, a goblimp scullion on Kwismas Island.

"It happened just as winter was approaching. The Kwismas family and Scooger were on leave. Chef Goblimate was busy preparing the end-of-year holiday feasts. So I was often alone in the kitchen…
The goblimp workers tasked with crafting toys work around the clock as the big day draws near. I was making treats to feed the whole troop, but they were insatiable. I would work late into the night. Sometimes early in the morning. I hadn't started dating my sweet Blimpina yet, or else she would've lent a hand!"

Nowel 2020 DOFUS Touch

"On a full-moon night, I discovered a strange jar in the back of a cupboard. It contained an incredible icing sugar from the Jellith Dimension. As soon as I tasted it, I was filled with a sense of well-being, coupled with a feeling of fullness. Without a moment's thought, I came up with a revolutionary confection: the Suhweet. Soft like caramel, sweet like marshmallow, with the strength of chocolate and a fruity flavor similar to strawberry, the Suhweet was simply mouth-watering."

That's when the trouble began."

Sustaining goblimps is no easy feat to begin with, but Blimpulose also had to keep Father Whupper, who wasn't confined yet, away from his kitchen. To that end, he would occasionally offer him a Suhweet. But this only made the ogre stick around even more, as his craving for the treats became uncontrollable. To make him go away, the goblimp scullion gave him a handful of Suhweets. But an hour later, Father Whupper was back… and he wasn't alone.

Nowel 2020 DOFUS Touch

"The candy had made Father Whupper especially sociable, and he saw fit to pass out Suhweets to the creatures wandering around the workshop. Kanigers, sakai firefoux, and yitis alike enjoyed the sugary delights so much, they showed up wanting more."

Ah, the Kwismas spirit! One could've said that was a nice ending after all. Sharing is caring and all that… but no! After nightfall, the gluttons surrounded the goblimps' house, wailing on and on: "Suhweeet! Suhweeeet!" terrorizing the poor little inhabitants as they did.

"Led by Father Whupper, the monsters eventually broke down the door to our abode. They immediately set about looking for Suhweets and goblimps to nibble on…"

Things had gotten completely out of hand!

Thankfully, Chef Goblimate knew how to make other recipes with the ingredient from the Jellith Dimension.

"He saved us by using the magical icing sugar as a glamor: all the goblimps appeared to be ferocious creatures, thus avoiding detection, and they shouted 'Suhweeet!' to complete the illusion… The next day, everything was back to normal. The workers had repaired the damage. The effects of the Suhweet had worn off and Father Whupper had resumed his endless game of hide-and-seek."

Nowel 2020 DOFUS Touch

All's well that ends well!

That is, until now, the night of Descendre 8 in the year 651.

"Time has passed since that sorry accident. I even got married to my sweet Blimpina. But like every year, I'm quite busy feeding my fellow goblimps. I may not be alone anymore, but they're just as insatiable! I'd never manage without my Blimpina.

A few days ago, to help us keep them satisfied, I decided to start another batch of Suhweets. With goblimps, there's no risk! They've never shown the slightest sign of excessive dependency. Still, yesterday evening… I realized I was missing some. I don't know if I lost them or they were stolen, but… some of the Suhweets have vanished!

At the same time, just like a few years ago, gluttons came knocking on our doors from all sides! 'Suhweeeet! Suhweeeet!!!' could be heard behind every exit. The terrorized goblimps escaped. This time around, we didn't have enough time to make Goblimate's recipe to save us!

My sweet Blimpina and I hid in the attic and the monsters eventually gave up. At dawn, I went back down, but a new problem presented itself… Turning to Blimpina, I uttered:

'Honey, it's almost Kwismas and I lost the goblimps…'"


Where are they?! … ON TWITTER!

What happens next will depend on you now!
Visit our Twitter page before 12 p.m. CET on Monday, December 13. You'll find the complete Kwismas illustration in which 8 goblimps are hiding from the gluttons! Find them all and you could be rewarded with a Witter Beanie.

To participate, simply repost the illustration with your answers in the comments: use a circle, box, or arrow – your choice! – to clearly indicate where the cowardly goblimps are hiding.

One winner per community will be randomly drawn from the correct entries. They'll receive their prize on Friday, December 17 at the latest.

Have fun! That's the main thing. And you might just be the lucky winner of a Witter Beanie. Good luck!