Kwismas on the one hand, Plantala: The Roots of Evil on the other… As the year comes to an end on DOFUS Touch, there are two different rooms, two different atmospheres… However… Do you see where we're going with this? No? Read the news that follows because it looks like there might be a little contest behind the itztings coming your way…

You recently got the chance to explore a new world where Mother Nature reigns supreme. Beautiful and unpredictable at the same time… Untameable even… You fell into the brambles and you haven't been able to free yourself ever since. But do you even want to?  Because, in actual fact, you like it. You could happily stay there until Plantala reveals all its mysteries one by one.

But you can't because you're needed to carve the Kwismas dragoturkey… But imagine for a moment that you don't care. What if you decided to ignore social norms and family commitments and stay here, in Plantala, on the evening of Descendre 24? After all, who would get mad at you,  other than grandma, if you don't give her your news? But you're going to write to her, and your other loved ones, aren't you?

Send them a card! And rather than go to the local card shop (especially as we're not sure how many there are in the streets of Plantala), we recommend creating your own postcard! The most beautiful creation will of course be rewarded!

When doing the postcard for this article, our Visuals' Creator used some of the following elements. You can us them yourself for your creation or as an inspiration, but you're not forced to! Your postcard can be a 100% original creation. Here are the mentioned elements:  1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 9  & 10 .


The contest rules are simple:

  • Entrants must design a postcard inspired by the theme of "Kwismas in Plantala"
  • Acceptable formats: square, in landscape, or portrait orientation
  • There will be one winner per community, chosen by a jury composed of capital letter carriers and enthusiasts of end-of-year festivities
  • Only one entry is allowed per person. You have until 9:00 AM (Paris time) on Monday, December 27!

You could win: 10 sharivakens and a "paint" emote!

Good luck, everyone!