Xelor's clock is faulty! Or it's a ruse by the gods to celebrate Kwismas early… Whatever the reason, there's a gift waiting for you underneath your Itzting. Go open it now!


With just a few hours to go, we want to wish you all a vewy mewwy Kwismas!

We don't know if you've made wise decisions this year (probably not), but what we do know is that you have defended yourself with belligerence and fought with honor. You have demonstrated boldness by (often) adventuring into areas that are decidedly unwelcoming. Sometimes you have even taken a sound beating (by creatures much smaller than you), but you have always picked yourself back up and kept your dignity. We've lost count of your victories and the number of times you have thrown caution to the wind to save some poor soul in distress (or simply to save yourself, which is a good start).

All that deserves a present, right? That's why we're offering you this adorable Frosted Blitzem pet!*

A close cousin of the Komet pet, the Frosted Blitzem pet is not immune to the goblimps' warped sense of humor either. So don't be fooled by that "hands off" aura it has, because underneath that angelic and somewhat innocent face, there's a pet that's more than partial to cracking bawdy jokes and slapping its thigh with a hoof…

 Hurry over to the in-game shop to pick up your gift!

* The gift can be obtained from the shop until 11:59 p.m. (Paris time) on Thursday, January 6, 2021.