How about ending this year with something to face the new one with confidence? For your first steps into 2022, DOFUS Touch is offering you a double bonus in the game!

Another year just went by, and a new one is about to take hold. How exciting… We must admit a lot happened in those 12 months of adventures. You "dungeon-rushed" to the MAXXX, fighting the Dragon Pig, Nelween, and Kimbo in the process. You took part in one tournament after another on Herdegrize, Oshimo, and Terra Cogita. You visited Vulkania Park, where you risked your life to humiliate Grozilla and Grasmera. You let the Red Dragoone pet get under your skin. You discovered a forest where Mother Nature (and Damadrya) reigns supreme.  And most of all, you cleaned out the inns of the World of Twelve simply because "hey, it's not every year you hit 15!"

Not a doubt remains that you belong in the World of Twelve. And as you know, it was a rather special year for Ankama, which turned 20 in 2021… That's why we're giving you not one, but two bonuses!

From 5:00 PM (Paris time) on Friday, December 31 to 9:00 AM on Monday, January 3, you can get +50% combat XP and drops.