We're starting the year with a bang in DOFUS Touch! Experience a concentrated blast of the best Dungeon Rushers from previous sessions in an event that's all about turning the excitement up to the MAXXX! Join us this Wednesday for a 6-in-1 Dungeon Rusher event!

Pack de l'air

From 12 noon (Paris time) on Wednesday, January 26 until noon on Wednesday, February 2*, put your strength, courage, equipment and spell-casting ability to the test – and the absorbency of your underwear, while you're at it – by leaping into battle against not one, not two, but 6 dungeon bosses!

Over the course of these two weeks, head for the Skeunk, Sphincter Cell, Soft Oak, Nelween and Bworker dungeons, plus the all-new Royal Gobball dungeon. For each boss you take down, you'll be rewarded with a ceremonial shield! (As long as you don't already have it, that is – no need to get carried away!)

But don't take too long to muster up your courage: after 12 noon (Paris time) on Wednesday, February 2*, your chance to win these rewards will be gone!

* The event has been extended for a whole week. It now ends at 12 noon (Paris time) on Wednesday, February 9.

Good to Know

  • The shields are ceremonial items and are linked to the character.
  • You can obtain these shields with several characters on the same account, as long as you re-do the dungeons with each character.
  • You cannot obtain the shields by killing the bosses in an arena.
  • Head to and check out the guides for the various dungeons (in French)!

See you there!