Hear ye, hear ye, beloved Twelvians! The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived… It's time for you and Skiny to get back in the action for this increasingly famous event. Whether you've got a refined taste for fashion or you just kind of dress funny, all are welcome!


After last year's competition was canceled due to Civod-49, this year's edition will be your chance to show everyone once again how exceptionally sublime you are.
Your journey will lead you to reveal your wildest instincts. It will take you through the peaceful and mystical lands of Pandala, and even give you a chance to express your true self by revealing how you look "au naturel".

Certain members of the Skiny team and certain Ankama folks will have the pleasure of looking over every one of your skins, from the coolest to the kookiest, in order to analyze and rate them. Their expert eyes will be on you throughout the contest – always in a friendly way, of course.

Set your headgear at a jaunty angle, put on your most striking cloak, grab your shield and whistle for your traveling companion to take part in this incredible fashion adventure!

With enough discipline, boldness and originality, you could be the next Miss & Mister World of Twelve… It's up to you to brave the catwalk if you hope to win this much-coveted title and the crown that goes with it!


We've listened to your feedback from last year's edition, and we've updated the contest rules accordingly:

  • Only one entry per player is allowed.
  • Your entry must be submitted in the forum with the account where your participating character is hosted, or on Twitter by posting your entry under the contest tweet with the hashtag #MissMisterTouch2022.
  • Modifying your entry is prohibited once it has been published.
  • Changing your participating character's sex/class/server during the contest period is strictly prohibited.
  • The screenshot must not include modifications of any kind (filters, added elements, etc.). Only trimming/cropping and zooming in on the screenshot are allowed.
  • All entries must comply with the DOFUS Touch Terms of Use and the forum rules.
  • Prizes awarded will only be transferred to the account participating in the contest. No exchanges will be made between accounts.


How to enter

  • Only one character – yours – should appear in the screenshot.
  • The screenshot must be taken outside of combat.
  • Use of emotes and auras is prohibited.
  • Your character's outfit must include at least 2 visible items (headgear, cloaks/backpacks, shields, pets, petsmounts, mounts).

Violation of any of the rules will result in immediate disqualification. The jury also reserves the right to disqualify any entry with inadequate image quality. There is a specific forum topic here about taking screenshots in-game. This will show you how to correctly post your entry (recommended, but not required).

We reserve the right to modify the rules at any time during the contest. Unless otherwise indicated by us, any such modifications will apply to the next round of the contest after the rules are modified, and will be brought to your attention at the start of that challenge.

In Closing

The spotlights are on and the catwalk is ready. Now all that's missing is someone to bring the magic. Could it be you?