New week, new selection of items! Check it out now, along with our three packs inspired by the "Pandala Awakens" update. These ink and paper-themed packs are the perfect pick as you start writing a new chapter of your story for 2022!

Every week, come check out our special offers and our selection of items in the shop. You'll also find prestige cosmetic items for the month of February.

Week #6 (from Tuesday, February 8 at 9 a.m. to Tuesday, February 15 at 9 a.m. Paris time)

This Week's Special Offers

A lot of ink has flowed under the bridge since Pandala awakened from its slumber… So why not dive back into the archives of our update featuring the kingdoms of Wukin and Wukang? Three packs inspired by these two "monokromatic" worlds have arrived to accompany this week's selection of items.

The Origami Pack contains:

  • Ink & Paper Set (shield, cape and headgear)
  • A Zhenbaisu pet,
  • An Ekirin ceremonial petsmount,
  • An Origami emote scroll,
  • A 30-day bonus pack,
  • An ink and paper ornament,
  • A "Napkin Folder" title,
  • 2,500 ogrines

The Pillage Pack contains:

  • Ink & Paper Set (shield, cape and headgear)
  • A Zhenbaisu pet,
  • A 15-day bonus pack

The Paper Pack contains:

  • Ink & Paper Set (shield, cape and headgear)
  • A 7-day bonus pack,


Other Items Available All Week

  • Sets
    • Jon Lemon Set
    • The Empire Set
    • Draeggosaure Set
  • Emotes
    • Beat a Drum
    • Boxer
  • Living Items

Prestige Cosmetic Items

The following prestige items will be available all throughout February:

  • Haurned Ox Set (new!)
  • Moonotaur pet (new!)
  • Unikron ceremonial petsmount (new!)
  • Ballotwine Attire
  • Minikron pet
  • Eniripsa class emote: Regenerative
  • Carnival emote
  • Tuquoque set (chameleon)

The Prestige Pack for February contains the Ballotwine attire, the Minikron pet and the Eniripsa class emote: Regenerative.

On paper, you've got everything it takes to be a successful warrior. So now it's time to get your saga written down in black and white.