Love is in the air again! With St. Ballotwine's Day just around the corner and Otomai Island reopening, the World of Twelve is literally crawling with pink marshmallows. Quests, Almanax bonuses, new packs, and new monsters: Learn more about what happens in 2022 when the love sickness infects everyone…


No matter how hard we go looking for it, love always seems to come with its fair share of undesirable side effects. There's the sweaty palms, quivering voice, legs like jelly, dry mouth, pink blushing cheeks… Ah yes, the pink blushes. But that's not the only shade that betrays our emotions… Passion often makes us turn a rainbow of different colors. Who hasn't turned green with jealousy at seeing your crush in someone else's arms? Who hasn't felt blue after a break up you never saw coming? And who hasn't felt that everything is rosy when the one you love loves you back?

Love sickness is endemic! Once again this year, the gobballs have caught Chocrosis, the curse unleashed by the famous alchemist Otomai, which turns them a candy pink color and gives them an insatiable desire to get frisky with the first thing that moves!

From Tuesday, February 15 (after maintenance) to Tuesday, February 22 (when maintenance starts), jump into the game to:

  • Complete exclusive quests related to all those blushing, love-struck gobballs…
  • Meet the NPC Ballotwine, who can be found at the Trool Fair at [-11,-37] and will give you 1 Heart-shaped Fairywork in exchange for 20 Gobball Wool!
  • Enjoy an Almanax bonus: Today, characters' experience gains are increased by 100% as quest rewards.
  • Stuff yourself with shigekaxes from the shop.

Note also that a pack will be available to mark the occasion, which can be found in the Prestige section of the shop.

It's a whole week dedicated to love, during which you can truly bare your heart while slaughtering some gobballs. With one of them, a new one called the Saint Ballotwine Gobball, you can even earn the title "Huge Romantic". You can find it in the following level 80-110 areas: Mount Neselite, Deep Moon Jungle, Eltneg Wood, the Crow's Domain, Wild Canyon, Frigost Village, Putrid Peat Bog, Bottomless Peat Bog, Minotoror Island, Porco Territory, Agony V'Helley, and the Dark Treechnid Forest.

Well? Are you feeling lucky in love?