Like DOFUS Touch, the DOFUS Touch Discord community server is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Maybe it's time it got a makeover? Read on to learn all about the new features we've added!


What's a Discord server again?

For those few people in the back who don't know about the service, Discord is an instant messaging program with voice and text, available on PC (desktop version), smartphone, and tablet (pretty handy, right?). Accessible via browser or the app itself, Discord makes it possible to come together as a community related to a specific topic – in this case, DOFUS Touch. This lets you chat with Ankama staff every day, meet other players to team up with, participate in contests, and of course, keep up with news about DOFUS Touch in real-time!

Why make changes to the Discord?

In fall 2021, we put out a survey for English-, French-, and Spanish-speaking users of the DOFUS Touch community server to get feedback on the overall quality of the server. This gave us an idea of what changes we could make, along with various suggestions for improvement offered by players themselves.

The actions we've taken on the Discord are the result. These are focused on issues connected with overall atmosphere, integrating new players/members of the Discord, and attunement to the expectations of various communities through new options that are exclusive to our Discord server!

What are the primary changes?

The changes are mainly based on useability: You can now filter channels by language. Specifically, after you agree to the English, French, or Spanish rules, the channels associated with that language will appear. This way, you'll have more or fewer channels at your disposal!

  • Channels are now distributed equally among different languages. The international section no longer exists; it has been replaced by two categories: DOFUS TOUCH ES and DOFUS TOUCH EN, so each community will have channels corresponding to the French channels!
  • There is now an Almanax bot: Each day at 12:00 a.m. (Paris time), you'll get information about the daily in-game bonus before even logging in to the game!
  • The News channel is now split into 3 channels per language in each category, where each new tweet is relayed directly from our Twitter account so you don't miss any important info!
  • Contests will be held on the server, in addition to the weekly contest for the shop rotation. These will get a special channel so you can easily find them!

Certain features and channels are gone – is that intentional?

Yes. First off, now you must agree to the rules to access all the channels on a server. To do so, add a reaction to the channel #rules_en (or FR or ES, depending on the language you want to display) to unlock access by agreeing to the rules. We've also taken the time to adapt certain channels and features; we'll explain all of these points to help you understand our choices.

  • Why can't I report bots or emulator players anymore? We've discontinued these features because now we can remove bots automatically, detect players using emulators, and apply sanctions in the same way. We realize that, nevertheless, some individuals may slip through the cracks. And so we ask that you contact moderators directly via Ankabox if you need to report this type of issue. Find a list of them here, organized by server.
  • Where did the bug channel go? / Why does it work differently? The old bot, Protoflex, was occasionally hard to understand with certain bugs. You couldn't include images or video, and there wasn't always enough information to fix the issue. That's why the bug channel is now divided by language and lets you submit one message every hour (be sure to write your message in the image/video description so you don't get foiled by the channel's Slowmode!).
  • Why has the community channel been changed? As you may have noticed, community servers are no longer featured on our Discord. That's something we intended. We can't provide a list of promoted servers when we have no control over these. We don't have the human resources to monitor all third-party community servers that don't belong to Ankama, and so we can't, as an organization, recommend joining these servers. We've heard about misconduct on some of these servers, which we would be responsible for if we promoted them. That's why we now only show fansites like Papycha, Dofusbook, and Skiny, which we fully trust and can safely recommend to you.

Can I give feedback on these changes?

We're always open to discussion and to players' suggestions on improving our Discord server. Feel free to send us your feedback, either in the forum or directly on the Discord, so that we factor in any improvements we could make.

Haven't joined our Discord server yet? Here's where you can do so!