You aren't prepared for the trial that awaits you. And you're no closer to earning the rewards up for grabs. For the first time in the World of Twelve and on the beta server, there's a race featuring all 10 dungeons.


To tide you over before the new Four Aces update, we're offering a new challenge on the beta server.

The competition you'll get to join is shrouded in mystery: nobody knows who started it… All we know is that the adventurers who successfully complete at least six of the 10 dungeons will score prizes:

  • For six or more dungeons: an Autonobarrel
  • For 10 dungeons: an Astrub Mercenary Helmet that unlocks the title "Legend of the Dungeons"

For this inaugural edition of Betaverse, here is a list of the 10 dungeons you'll need to take on:

  • Otomai's Ark
  • Dragon Pig's Den
  • Jellith Dimension
  • Soft Oak Dungeon
  • Skeunk's Hideout
  • Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon
  • Fouxwork Factory
  • Valley of the Lady of the Water
  • Snowfoux Den
  • Damadrya's Bamboo Grove

If you think you're a boss at brawling, here's your chance to prove it!

  • Conquer as many of the aforementioned dungeons as you can during the beta, which runs through March 30, and you could score an Autonobarrel or an Astrub Mercenary Helmet that unlocks the "Legend of the Dungeons" title!*

*Offer valid once per character. Any items earned will appear in your inventory 1 to 2 days after the event ends.