The next update will soon be released as a beta. In the last several days, we've revealed some content from it on social media. Want to see more? Join us on our Twitch channel on Tuesday, March 22!


Those who are naturally curious – always trying to catch the conversation from the next table over – noticed that we left out certain information related to the upcoming beta…

What they caught were changes coming to the beta:

  • The aggression system and merchant mode will be removed.
  • Minor changes will be made to daily quests and scrolls.
  • New equipable items and challenges will be added.
  • And we can't forget…

Oh! Hang on… Why not discover the rest during a livestream about the next update? Wyze and Yawn invite you to our Twitch channel Ankama Live on Tuesday, March 22 (at 3:00 p.m. Paris time)!