Remember the days when you'd be wandering near a monster and then – BAM! – it would attack you? Good news: That's a thing of the past! More good news: We're running a contest in the Beta server to celebrate (and laugh at those beasties who aren't so clever anymore)!


As you probably know, the Four Aces update is a major turning point in terms of PvM. From now on, you will no longer be gratuitously attacked by the creatures inhabiting the World of Twelve whenever you get too close to them. That's right, if you have the sudden urge to battle it out, you'll have to make the first move!

To celebrate this change many have been waiting for, we're launching an event for those who, like Captain Amakna, will gather their courage to approach creatures that… well, uh… that don't mean them any harm, in fact!

Your objective is simple: stand near a monster, take a screenshot, and then post it in this forum thread created for the event.

The screenshot must be taken exclusively on the BETA server. To upload your entry, simply follow this guide

To participate, you'll need to follow three simple rules:

  • Use your main account.
  • Make sure your nickname is fully visible.
  • Stand one cell away from the monster (as shown in the example).

You'll win an exclusive title: The Brave!

You can enter between Monday, March 21 and Monday, March 28, and you'll need to choose one of the monsters that are still aggressive monsters outside the beta.

May the least brave win!