The Royal Tofu will be your next Dungeon Rusher challenge. It's time to knock him off his perch once and for all!


His Majesty the Royal Tofu is relaxing comfortably in the Tofuhouse, his claws propped up on a pillow, as happy as a Lousy Pig in clover. Of course, that's only because he doesn't realize the danger that's winging its way towards him: YOU!

As for you, though, there's no point sticking your head in the sand like a Strich: if you want to get his shield, you'll have to gather up your courage and not worry about ruffling his feathers!  What? Did you think you and he were just going to talk things out over a plate of poached eggs?

From Wednesday, March 30, 12:00 PM (Paris time) through Wednesday, April 6, 12:00 PM (Paris time), head to the Royal Tofu House in The Ingalsses' Fields. If you're tough enough, you could win a Trophy Royal Tofu Shield!*

* Offer valid once per character. Monsters killed in arenas don't count. When you win the shield, it will automatically appear in your inventory.