Run up the stairs four steps at a time to check out our new update: Four Aces is now online!

You've been fidgeting and twiddling your fingers ever since it was announced, and now it's finally online: the Four Aces update!

Here are just some of the many improvements you'll find in this update:

  • Transition to a new maximum of 4 players, for a faster and more accessible experience.
  • Removal of merchant mode and the monster aggression system.
  • Changes to daily quests and scrolls.
  • New equipable items and challenges.

And lots of other great stuff too! For all the details, check the complete changelog for this update, available here:

Four Aces is also your chance to pick up a more generous and "augmented" version of the classic Bonus Pack: the Elite Bonus Pack! It's on its way soon, so keep your eyes open…