There are many adventures that unexpectedly fall upon us, like a drop of water that breaks the calm surface of a lake… Grab your boots and a hearty snack because the DOFUS and DOFUS Touch Animation Teams have decided to give you a new in-game story to follow!


Event Rules

The DOFUS and DOFUS Touch Event Teams are once again leading you on an exploration of the Paztek culture with a major new interactive quest presented via green texts in the game.

On all DOFUS and DOFUS Touch servers from April 12th through April 26, 2022, travel the World of Twelve to help the priestess Tumushiba to recover the stolen items. Start by finding the starting point for this quest in the message above and prepare to be swept away by a tumultuous narrative arc!

All adventurers who reach the end of this quest (by giving the correct answer when asked for it) will win 18 Sharivakens and an exclusive title: "Nabala bormana tachuba"

Tips :
  • You may not produce a tutorial (as a video, text document, or in any other form) for use by the community.
  • You can discuss the event and give help and tips to others (using spoiler tags), but please do not post answers publicly.
  • You might need to have certain items with you during your adventure. We recommend always keeping everything until the end of your investigation.
  • This investigation will require a lot of cooperation between the communities of both games, DOFUS and DOFUS Touch.
  • This investigation is not designed to be completed in one night. It's long and sometimes complicated, so don't hesitate to take your time!
  • Take notes! Even small details will turn out to be important over the course of the investigation.
  • If you complete the investigation by giving the right answers when asked for them, you'll receive rewards. These rewards will be distributed starting the week after the event ends.
  • We strongly recommend that you refrain from skipping any steps, and that you complete the entire investigation with your character.
  • We recommend that you start your adventure with an empty resource inventory and fill it up as you go along.
  • For some steps, you will have to be connected to the Forum.

The Twelvian Role-Players Discord may serve as home base for your discussions with other players. You'll find channels there specifically for this investigation: one in French and another in English.

The DOFUS and DOFUS Touch Eventmasters.