Shock and amazement! Some of the Fleaster Dofus that Twelvians were supposed to be enjoying have suddenly vanished! Ben Wablin's careless mistake just might ruin Fleaster for everyone… Help him investigate, and he'll show you his gratitude!

Disaster! Ben Wablin – a Chocomancer and member of the Order of Chocolate Makers who is praised for his deliciously crunchy culinary creations – has misplaced several chocolate Fleaster Dofus he was planning on giving to Twelvians this year! He's looked everywhere: in Astrub, on Nolifis Island, around Sufokia… He even ventured into the most notorious areas of Brakmar. But there's no sign of his eggs!

After several days of investigating, the Order of Chocolate Makers must face the facts: Ben didn't lose his eggs in the Krosmoz. We need to widen the search area! The most plausible hypothesis is that the Fleaster Dofus rolled to the border between the Krosmoz and our world, and that border just so happens to be on our websites.

How about helping out the Chocomancers and the OCM? Investigate on our websites! For that, you'll need to go through every announcement, dissect every devblog, and sieve through every last page on our websites in hopes of finding the delicious lost Dofus… The merchandise was lost no earlier than December 2021, so you don't need to bother poking around in content published before then.

Needless to say, your efforts will be rewarded! A letter will be written on each Dofus you find. Put them in the right order, and you'll get a code* that just might unlock a reward.

It's starting right now and will only end once the code has been used as many times as it can be. Only the first 200 players who use this code across all communities will get:

  • 1 Chocolate Dragoone (ceremonial pet)
  • 5 Chocolate Shigekax (consumable)

Ready… Set… Hunt!

* The code obtained will be usable only once per account.

And here's a small hint for you ;)