The Maysial Munch holiday is a great day for stuffing your face until you can barely stand, sure… but that's not all! It's also a time to show your opponents that the fire in your belly is more than just heartburn! This year, we've decided to celebrate this event in a unique way by inviting 8 video-makers to face off in a series of 1v1 battles! Who will savor a delectable victory… and who will have to swallow a bitter defeat?


Do you know the story of how Maysial Munch got started? One day, the Twelve were gathered for yet another banquet with dishes piled high, when suddenly Iop flew into a wild rage. And for good reason: There wasn't a single chip left anywhere on the table! The crumbs in Enutrof's beard left no doubt as to who the guilty party was…

"Was it you who ate all my Brakmarian Nachos???"

"Uh… Well, yes, but…"

"GRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" (Yes, the flame-haired god had a slight tendency to fly off the handle in those days.)

Iop picked up the 8 trays laid out on the huge table, including the empty plate that had held his beloved fried triangles of cheesy goodness, and hurled them at his thieving neighbor's face. While some condemned this action as the height of stupidity, others considered it a well-deserved retort or even downright artistic (apparently the goddess Pandawa had brought along an especially strong vintage that day), and it quickly earned its place as a key date in the Krosmic calendar!

Ever since then, the 8th of Maysial has been the day when all Iops pause to celebrate their god!

Iop swore that day to never let such a catastrophe happen again, and that he would appoint a "Prestige Guard" at every banquet whose sole mission would be to keep a vigilant eye on his nachos.

On Wednesday, May 4, eight video makers, each supported by their respective communities, will fight for victory in epic 1v1 battles! The participants will be selected from all of the FR and INT communities. The spectators who watch the various streams will have a chance to acquire the magnificent Nachoshield, tough enough to turn aside even the sharpest swords (or teeth!). As for the winner, they'll receive a prize package containing:

  • One prestige item of their choice
  • A one-month Elite Bonus Pack
  • And ten more copies of the same prize that they can offer as prizes to their community in turn!

Don't miss this event! Join us on Wednesday, May 4 at 6:00 PM (Paris time) on the Twitch channels belonging to Timtoobias (in FR: and Gaming Colombia (for the INT community,!