A new PvP tournament is coming to the Grandapan server!


Attention all PvP fans! Gerather, Petryx, Papaya, Yomi, Tomnouke, and Full-Pods are hosting a new PvP tournament on the Grandapan server.

The event will take place starting July 29, 2022 until July 31, 2022 at 11:15 PM (Paris time) On Friday, July 29, the tournament will start at 10:00 p.m. and will be open for level 200 players.

Ankama will give the following prize to the winners (per player):

1st place:

  • Battler Shield
  • Exclusive title: "God of the Arena"
  • Gerbean pet
  • 4-months Bonus Pack
  • 10,500 goultines

2nd place:

  • Exclusive title: "Spare God"
  • Gerbean pet
  • 2-months Bonus Pack
  • 5,000 goultines

3rd and 4th place:

  • Gerbean pet
  • 1-month Bonus Pack
  • 2,800 goultines

To learn more about the tournament rules and registration, please visit the dedicated Discord.

Mark your calendars and we hope to see you at this action-packed event!

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