Is it like you to show off and hold out the thing you're proudest of for all to see? Perfect! This should interest you. Take part in the beta for the Legendary Weapons update to win an exclusive title (and show off, of course).


Just imagine… A weapon whose rarity is almost comparable to that of a Dofus. A weapon so powerful that when you grasp it, you'll get the unsettling feeling that your very destiny is in your hands.

This weapon is legendary. To earn it, you'll have to face the worst creatures you can imagine, and thus your fears. You'll also need to overcome your own limitations, step outside your comfort zone, and be relentlessly determined.

Deep down, the mad brave people who embark on this venture are like those mad passionate researchers who dig away at the ground with their bare hands, tearing out their fingernails and scraping their skin, in the foolish hope of stumbling upon what no one else before them has discovered. This exhilarating, gut-wrenching feeling is something you can experience, provided you do what it takes.

Once you've done that, what then? Aaaah! Well, THEN you'll have something to boast about! That's all.

Log in to the game now, check out the Legendary Weapons beta, and try to get your hands on one of them. Once that's done (please note that it could take some time), you can equip your character with it and get them to wield it with a proud swagger using the "Brandish Weapon" or "Unsheathe Weapon" emotes. Then choose the best profile for your character and the most favorable angle (with the weapon clearly visible, of course), and take a screenshot. Then you just have to share it in the dedicated forum topic for the contest!

In exchange for this superb shot, you will earn the prestigious title of "Insatiable Archaeologist".

You've got until the end of the beta – Wednesday, June 15 – to enjoy this moment of glory!

It's time to do yourself proud!